These shoemakers who are embarking on a more sustainable path

The Romy B79 signed Bensimon – Bensimon

Bensimon launches its first line of eco-designed tennis shoes. Called B79 – “B” for Bensimon and “79” for the year of the launch of the French fashion label’s first tennis shoe – this range is structured around two models which reinterpret the brand’s classics. A step towards eco-responsibility also taken by Aigle, Ash and many others, at a time when the industry intends to reduce its environmental impact.

First there is the “Romy” which revisits the iconic tennis of Bensimon, a very widely distributed model, from selective to mass distribution. The second, called Stella B79, takes up the rising silhouette of the classic Stella in a “green” version.

Made in Spain, the shoes in the B79 range feature recycled natural rubber outsoles, recycled cork insoles, while the uppers of the shoes are made from organic cotton. Models available from 36 to 41, sold for 49 and 59 euros, and available in three colors: navy, white and khaki.

By launching B79, a line that will grow in September, Bensimon responds to a growing desire for responsible consumption. According to the French Shoe Federation, which brings together around 200 brands, 41% of women, 38% of men and 47% of parents are very interested in a brand that offers models made from recycled materials.

The confinement period would have helped to strengthen this desire for ethics, commitment and transparency, indicates the organization. However, it is difficult to know if this phenomenon will result in a tangible and lasting increase in sales of so-called eco-responsible shoes.

Re / Ash range boots – Ash

With Re / Ash, the Ash shoe brand founded in 2000 by the Italian Leonella Calvani and the French Patrick Ithier also enters the green zone.

Stressing that 8 to 10% of global carbon emissions are attributable to the clothing and footwear industry, the brand aims to reduce its impact on the environment. Re / Ash offers three models, an “army boot,” a platform sneaker and another unisex, (from 135 to 299 euros), all designed in recycled leather and polyester, without metal or chrome.

Aigle rubber sneakers Aigle – Aigle

Finally in another style, the French outdoor brand Aigle, specialist in the manufacture of boots, is part of this trend with Rubber Sneakers.

Claiming “an irreproachable composition from the sole to the laces”, this unisex sneaker, low or high, is adorned with a sole made from 50% natural rubber, an upper and laces in recycled nylon or even a lining made from a blend of recycled cotton and polyester (80 and 100 euros).


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