They are hundreds to display their “big nose” on the internet to put an end to the complexes

A movement that recalls the success of the hashtag SideProfilSelfie

Exposing yourself to accept yourself: this is the goal of this movement which was recently launched by Sydney Jade on Twitter, a user very complexed byappearance and shape of his nose. Too long, too big, too twisted … Loving your nose is no small task and many people have made it a real complex. “I need to create a thread on big nose, please join this challenge! I try to love myself, starting with what I’ve always had trouble accepting! ” reveals the young woman on the web. By asking the “big noses” to post pictures of this part of their face in turn, the Internet user in question could not imagine the extent of his thread * (* a series of tweets written by a same Internet user, which follow one another to form longer content). His post has been shared and liked over 220,000 times! Sydney Jade was “happy” and “touched”. “I never thought this tweet would be shared this much. But let me tell you how happy and touched I am to see so many beautiful people taking part in this thread. I am honored to share this space with other beautiful big noses “, she expressed.

The hashtag SideProfileSelfie is a movement that made the buzz on the networks a few years ago. The principle ? Assume his nose by posting a photo of his face in profile. It was created by writer and journalist Rhadika Sanghani, after observing the many self-acceptance movements on social networks. She had also confided in Huffington Post UK : “It was so liberating for me to accept my nose that I wanted to help other people feel the same”. And you, what do you think of these body positive movements?

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