They’re back again: bandana tops to add fun to your summer look

The return of bandanas as an accessory or as a full-fledged piece of clothing proves once again that expressive fashion of the 90s and 2000s is back and seems to be planning to stay for a long time.

Last year, bandana tops, which were so eagerly worn by all the most popular celebrities of the time in the 90s, triumphantly returned to fashion trends. Then modern women of fashion had plenty of practice in needlework – they took a needle and scissors in their hands and famously transformed the hair accessory into a fashionable and sexy wardrobe item.

This season, some mass-market brands decided to simplify our life and released ready-made tops-bandanas:


Of course, Zara did the most. In the new collection, the Spanish brand presented bandana tops for literally every taste and color. Here you can find jacquard tops in trendy orange color, satin models in always relevant shades – beige and milky, as well as denim tops (which now, once again, has flown into all fashion trends).


While Zara has focused on the classics and rather calm classic silhouettes, then on the ASOS website, the eyes diverge from the models with bright and accent prints that will instantly take you to the 2000s and make you feel the vibe of that time.


Bershka played with the design so that their tops look like you actually found a bandana in your closet and made it into a trendy top yourself. On the brand’s website, you can find brightly colored models with prints, lettering and strings. What else do you need in order to recreate the style of trending noughties?


But Stradivarius seems to have decided not to pay much attention to this trend. The brand’s website turned out to be rather stingy in the choice of bandana tops, but we still managed to find one model in white. Oddly enough, but in this form, the top bandana can even serve as a good base, which can be implemented both in a romantic look for walking, and combined, for example, with an oversized suit for going to the office.

Zara, 1 999 rub

Bandana tops: how to wear stylishly and beautifully

Zara, 2 299 rubles

Zara, 1799 rub

Stradivarius, 1 199 rub

ASOS, 1 790 rub

ASOS, 1 990 rub

ASOS, 1 990 rub

Bershka, 899 rub

Bershka, 899 rub

Author: Anastasia Kurt. (Instagram: nastiakurta)


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