Thin hair care rules

A woman wants to look 100% at any time of the year and in all aspects. Whether it’s hair, manicure, pedicure, or body, it all takes effort and basic skill to avoid harm.

While the best manicure and pedicure tools can be easily found here, the question of hair is still open. Today we will tell you not just about hair care, but about how to cope with their thinness and fragility.

  • At first, be responsible for the choice of care products. In no case should your shampoo contain sulfates, but at the same time it should be sufficiently sebum-regulating, that is, it should cleanse the scalp well. Always pay attention to the composition and do not use shampoo if you do not see the effect after a few weeks.
  • Secondly, wash your hair properly. Massage the shampoo into hair roots and skin to remove oil and nourish it. It also well stimulates blood flow to the head, and hence hair growth. Do not wash your hair in too cold or hot water, it should be at room temperature.
  • Thirdly, use suitable combs. Fine hair is best brushed with bristled or wooden brushes, this will greatly facilitate combing the strands and will not electrify the hair too much.
  • Moreover, be sure to drink vitamins! They contain the amino acids your body needs. This will not only improve the condition of the hair, but also reduce the brittleness of the nails and improve the color and condition of the skin. It would be best to go to the laboratory and get tested to see what trace elements the body lacks, and then compose a personal vitamin complex that will definitely give a result.
  • Well, just for visual effect – use means that give volume. They will help outwardly hide the fact that you have little hair or they are very thin, which will give confidence in yourself and your appearance.

Thin hair is by no means a sentence. This problem can be corrected by approaching the issue responsibly and honestly doing whatever is required. After some time of taking vitamins and proper care, you will see how your hair becomes stronger and thicker!


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