Thing of the day: Balenciaga dressing gown

Temporary self-isolation is not at all a reason to deny ourselves shopping, especially since we have discovered an absolutely perfect thing that any star will envy on home mode. In Balenciaga’s spring / summer collection, couch potatoes will find a black button-down robe with a colorful floral print. For example, we can easily imagine the same on Soviet fashionistas as from the movie “The Diamond Arm”, and a light vintage plaque will make the purchase the most interesting of the season. The price of a robe in retro style up to the middle of the thigh is 107,000 rubles.

In the current environment, we advise you to shop on the department store’s website and pay attention not only to the fact that prices in TSUM are still lower than in Europe, but also to the fact that all couriers of the TSUM delivery service arrive in protective screens on their faces and antibacterial gloves … All ordered items can be tried on, and the courier can only be paid for what fits.


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