Thing of the day: Gucci pillow backpack

During the Gucci show for the spring / summer 2020 season, we could not take our eyes off this accessory – a backpack in the form of a charming pillow in an old-fashioned pillowcase. Alessandro Michele decided not to beat around the bush, playing with images, but simply created the most ironic and relevant thing for everyone who does not always get enough sleep. The cushion body is made of cotton fabric, and black leather straps help to hold the backpack behind the shoulders. If now you temporarily do not leave the apartment due to quarantine, you can use the accessory for its intended purpose.

The price of the issue is 201,000 rubles, and you should look for the most fashionable pillow in your life in Gucci stores.

Gucci, 201,000 rubles, Gucci stores


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