Things that make a look cheap

You saw a similar example once: a thing of fabulous value sits on its owner like … a bag! We have seen and repeatedly. To look expensive, stylish and high-status, you don’t have to buy expensive things. And even branded ones with logos and labels are not always an indicator here.

It is important to be able to choose a thing so that it suits you, emphasizes individuality, highlights all the advantages of your appearance, and, of course, is fashionable and relevant. decided to figure out what things make the image hopelessly cheap today. At the same time, these same things and elements of outfit can be fashionable and beautiful, but not for everyone and not always …

1. Sequins, sequins, rhinestones and stones – when they are too much

Do you have a bright sequin skirt? Feel free to wear it with monochromatic neutral matte clothes. And yes, look for an excuse where it can be worn. Not to the office, is it? A party with friends or a date is just right. And the thing in sequins and sequins should be in this case the accent of the image against the background of more neutral “background” clothing.

But if you dress in sequins from head to toe, be prepared to look flashy but cheap. We agree that an evening dress, all covered with rhinestones, sparkling beads or sequins, is always appropriate when it comes to some kind of celebration. But rhinestones and stones on sportswear, jeans, casual T-shirts, sequins on bags and shoes, accessories with sequins – this will not be the best option for every day.

2. Too ripped jeans with huge holes

Jeans with holes and scuffs are still in trend today. However, the trend to wear jeans with half-leg holes is a thing of the past. An excessive number of ripped holes on jeans today will look inappropriate, at least, and perhaps even funny.

Such things are the prerogative of the collections of the past seasons. And if ripped jeans looked trendy the year before last, don’t wear them this year. Love antique denim? Choose minimal scuffs, protruding threads instead of obvious holes, jeans “dumplings” with stains of white paint, faded denim, gray-blue colors – and you will be in trend!

3. Uncomfortable high-heeled shoes

No matter how much your stiletto heels cost, and let them be the most original Louboutins, if you are uncomfortable wearing them, the image will fail!

Sometimes beauty really requires sacrifice. If you are going to a party or some kind of celebration, it is quite understandable that you want to wear beautiful high-heeled shoes, which are not always comfortable. But if you limp, not bend your knees, mince and slouch, your image will never be at its best, no matter how much you put into clothes and shoes. The people around you will at least sympathize with you, and at the most, just laugh.

4. Underwear for show

Of course, celebrity images make us imitate them in many ways. Transparent dresses made of mesh or guipure, under which linen is clearly visible, are beautiful only when it comes to a stage image or a social event. But in everyday life, even if you want more shocking, visible underwear will always cheapen the image. And this is especially true of those moments when the linen is displayed not on purpose and planned, but by accident.

A line of thongs from under the waistband of too low jeans, straps from a bra with a strapless top in general, or a back of a bra with a closure in a dress with an open back … Did you imagine that? You need to carefully select underwear for each outfit, especially open ones, so as not to look vulgar and cheap.

5. White shoes with heels

Well, what could be wrong with white shoes, you ask? We will answer: nothing bad if this is the image of the bride. And nothing good if it’s a casual look or even an evening out. Believe it or not, according to statistics, even brides have recently given up on snow-white shoes for their weddings.

Not sure what to wear with a white suit or dress? Choose pumps in a nude shade: the flesh color merges with the skin tone, and the shoes seem to “extend” the legs, making them visually longer, and you are slimmer and taller. White on classic heels looks quite cheap and even a little outdated. In addition, all dirt and scuffs are immediately visible on white shoes.

6. Leggings and leggings

Long ago, the fashion for tight leggings and leggings is a thing of the past. Today, this wardrobe item is only about sports style, training, jogging, and certainly not about everyday exits and casual style.

Firstly, tight-fitting leggings, especially from thin fabrics, can only be worn by slender girls with perfect hips and buttocks. If we are talking, of course, about training: here everyone can afford leggings, because you didn’t come to the gym to show off, but go in for sports, which is very commendable.

Secondly, even with elongated tunics and shirts, leggings will look out of place today. Opt for tight, high-waisted trousers made from heavy-duty, stretch fabrics instead.

7. Bright decorated tights

In autumn and winter looks, you can afford to wear colored tights. But they should be made of dense materials, restrained shades, in harmony with the overall color scheme of the rest of your clothes. Bright colors will make you look like an overgrown teenager, which is not always appropriate.

And even the most sophisticated image can be made cheap by decorated tights in a net, polka dots, in a leopard print, with sequins, shimmer, with guipure, or silk tights, in which the legs are too glossy. You need to be extremely careful with such patterns and ornaments, even if you pair them with a neutral black dress.

A safe bet: thin or thicker black tights, or flesh-colored tights that match your skin tone, and always matte.

This article can cause disagreement and even indignation, because many of the presented wardrobe items and clothing items are present in fashion collections and perfectly decorate models on the catwalk. Fashion and style have their own rules, exceptions and contradictions at the same time. does not call for completely excluding all of the above from the wardrobe, you just need to be more careful.

Author: Tatiana Maltseva

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