This is what happens to your skin when you stay on screens all day

All day on the computer for work, in the evening on your mobile phone … The time we spend on screens per day is considerable. However, this exposure to screens is not without health and beauty consequences. Why ? Because of the blue light emitted by screens, LEDs… And the sun! The blue light has been talked about a lot recently because even if it is delivered with a lower energy from the screens than that emitted by the sun and ultraviolet rays, it has a impact on the organism. And for good reason, in addition toaccelerate the aging of the eye and cause problems falling asleep, it can cause damage … On the skin.

Blue light: what are the consequences for the skin?

But why the blue light could it be harmful to the skin? Simply because it will cause damage to the cells, because of the free radicals. The latter will therefore participate in the acceleration of skin aging. Exposure to this type of light (by screens and the sun) could also worsen the problem of hyperpigmentation. A study conducted by the Journal of Dermatological Science in May 2018 demonstrated the impact of blue light on cells, but its exact order of magnitude remains to be demonstrated.

Blue light: how to properly protect your skin?

Don’t panic, there are several solutions for protect your skin. First, consider applying a daily sun protection. Dermatologists advise to choose protections at mineral filter, because the latter contain zinc dioxide or titanium dioxide, which will act as reflectors and thus block the rays, but also blue light. There are anti-blue light care, which form like a “shield” on the epidermis. Finally, it is advisable to use antioxidant treatments, which will fight against free radicals and preserve cells. The Vitamin C or E are known antioxidants for example!

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