This is what happens when you stop hydrating your skin well

There is not a single ideal beauty routine. Indeed, it depends on each person and must be developed according to the type of skin (dry, oily, sensitive, mature …), time you have (or that you want to put in this routine), and finally according to your budget. But whether you have this or that beauty ritual, thehydration will always be there at the heart. Yes, even oily skin needs it! Sometimes, for lack of time or desire, the hydration step is skipped, whether in the morning or in the evening before going to sleep. Containment does not help matters and some may forget to apply their cream daily. Does the skin suffer? Yes. But how ? Answers.

Moisturize your skin: why you shouldn’t skip this step

To understand theimportance of hydration for the epidermis, we must first understand how it works. The skin is made up of several layers: the hypodermis (very deep), the dermis, and the epidermis, the most “superficial”. The epidermis itself is made up of several layers. The whole is covered with what is called the “Hydrolipidic film”. The latter allows protect the skin from external aggressions (pollution, dust, etc.), but it also allows limit water loss that the skin undergoes naturally and constantly. Limiting this water loss is a crucial issue, because water is necessary for the proper functioning of the cell renewal, and it is in part this which allows the skin to have a plump and soft. To treat this essential skin barrier, it is necessary avoid assaulting him with too frequent cleanings or too aggressive exfoliation, but also to bring him habits of hydration at the top.
If you stop hydrating it, the skin therefore loses its radiance, softness, and tone, because it loses much more water than it receives. The lack of hydration can also imply a earlier skin aging (the skin feels tight, it loses elasticity, relaxes…).

Moisturize your skin: the right routine to adopt

While each skin has its ideal routine, some “rules” apply to all. In the morning, a skin cleansing is not necessarily necessary. Instead, opt for theapplication of floral water according to your needs.She goes refresh the skin and rid it of any sebum secretions at night. Then switch to the tonic if you like this type of product. Moisturizers, cleansers… They can have multiple benefits. Then, the time has come to apply your serum. The latter is more concentrated in active ingredients, which is why very little is needed for each use. It prepares the skin for the daytime moisturizer, and itself plays an intense moisturizing role. The cream therefore comes after. You are ready to face the day.
But that’s not all. Once properly cleansed, the skin also needsbe hydrated in the evening with a night care. Why ? Because it is at night that the latter regenerates most intensely. Moisturizing it overnight is therefore a very good way to see the active ingredients of the cream be better assimilated and to see the effects. While hydration plays a restorative role at night, it ensures a protective role the day. The two are complementary!

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