This magic ingredient to fight against dark circles

There are many people who cannot start the day on the right foot without drinking it. What ? Coffee, of course ! It is mainly known for its ability to stimulate us as soon as we wake up, or to give us a boost in the event of fatigue or loss of power during the day. However, coffee is effective in many other areas, such as beauty! It contains decongestant virtues, very effective for reduce and correct dark circles.

Coffee: a precious beauty ally against dark circles

So how is coffee used in the production of concealer cosmetics? In reality, it is not the coffee bean that is directly used, but synthetic caffeine. It has the same virtues as the plant extract of caffeine, it does not cause allergies and its cost is much more interesting! Many brands of natural cosmetics have used it for several years with success. 3 to 5% caffeine in a bottle is an ideal dosage to notice its benefits on your skin, especially on your dark circles.

How to use it on a daily basis?

For those who are prone to dark circles and other bags under the eyes, it is interesting to use treatments or “roll-on” specially designed for the eye area, caffeine based : this will restore tone to the blood vessels, and therefore effectively reduce signs of fatigue. Some products available on the market are to be applied morning and evening, for visible results more quickly. In addition to its anti-fatigue properties, caffeine is a powerful ally against cellulite and signs of aging. Two additional reasons to integrate it into your beauty routine today!


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