This makeup trend that will be all the rage this summer

Sunny days are here. With them, new beauty and makeup trends canons are emerging. The soft glam, the red mouth and golden eyes … There are plenty of ways to be trendy with your make-up. The latest? A eye makeup as original as canon: the rainbow make-up, or “rainbow make-up”. In short, if you like to make make-up full of pep, this trend is for you. On Instagram, the rainbow is in the spotlight and the hashtag rainbowmakeup is on the rise. In addition, the trend can be adopted in different ways according to your tastes. Manual !

Make-up trend: how to adopt and achieve the rainbow make-up?

The goal of this type of make-up is to bring fantasy and color on your eyes. As the name suggests, you will be working with the colors of the rainbow: purple, indigo blue, green, yellow, orange and red. You are free to apply all these colors on the same eye, or to choose your favorites among them. The goal is to recognize the colors of a rainbow, so don’t skimp on the intensity! Alternate between matte eyeshadows and satin or glitter finish eyeshadows for full makeup. Don’t worry, the rainbow make-up is rather easy to achieve.
Start with to put a makeup base on your eyelid mobile, so that the make-up is impeccable all day long. Then, unify everything with a nude eye shadow, that is to say a beige or a pale pink for example. With a medium brush, apply the violet in the crease of the eyelid to create relief and intensify the look. You can blend it towards the eyebrow with a suitable brush, to give a effect “foxy eye” canon, or the trend that rejuvenates without a scalpel. Then take an indigo blue eyeshadow and blend it into purple. Proceed in this way with the other colors, until you reach the inner hollow of the eye, on which the orange, yellow and red tones will be perfect. If the colors are well blended with each other, then theillusion of the rainbow is sublime and the result is great! Are you not a fan of eye makeup but love colorful makeup? So adopt the rainbow make-up, but on the lips!
A much more original choice, but which can be stunning for an evening. Are you going to dare the rainbow makeup?


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