Three Meditations That Will Improve Your Sex Life

April 27

Regular meditation will help develop the ability to experience erotic pleasure, make sex brighter for both you and your partner. How? Let’s tell.

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IN research, the results of which were published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, states that women who practice meditation get more joy from sex than those who do not. “On a very superficial level, this can be explained by the fact that such practices train the ability to concentrate,” says Laurie Brotteau, gynecologist, professor at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver), author of Better Sex Through Mindfulness. – It is known that people – in general and in sexual activity in particular – are easily distracted. The benefits of meditation for intimate life, first of all, is that it teaches you to be in the present moment, not to be distracted by extraneous stimuli, fully focusing on your own feelings. “

Thus, any practice of mindfulness and meditation, training in us the skill of staying “here and now,” allows us to experience any feelings more sharply. Keeping all our attention on what is happening at the moment, it is also easier for us to understand the mood of a partner, which means to become closer with him, to strengthen the connection. Sexual meditation is a great way to get to know your body better so you can enjoy your intimate life more.

You can learn to practice sex meditation even if you have never meditated before.

Basic Sexual Meditation

Find a quiet place in your home where you feel comfortable. You can use pillows and blankets to help you get comfortable. The aroma lamp and calm relaxing music will create a soothing atmosphere. Nothing should distract or annoy you. Turn off your TV, mobile phone, electronic gadgets. Meditate with or without loose clothing.

  • Get into a comfortable position. You can lie down or sit with your legs folded in the lotus position. If you are sitting meditating, keep your back straight and chin up. Relax your hands, put your hands on your knees.
  • Close your eyes. Focus on your body, your breath, and what is happening around you – smells, sounds. If obsessive thoughts arise, acknowledge them and let go, mentally saying to yourself: “Yes, it happened.” Then imagine this thought floating away from you.
  • Concentrate on space and breathing. Take deep breaths in and out as you watch the air enter and exit your body. Inhaling, let the air in to the abdomen, exhaling – imagine how the tension leaves the body. Listen to yourself and your feelings. Feel how the air fills your body and what every part of it feels from hands to feet.
  • Imagine your body. How it looks inside and outside, what its energy looks like. Think about the shapes, colors and sounds of your sensations.
  • Focus on physical sensations. Try to feel your own body as much as possible. The goal of sexual meditation is to heighten perception, which will increase erotic arousal.

Once you have mastered basic sexual meditation, you can start practicing with a partner.

Meditation with a partner

It is recommended to do the meditation about 20 minutes before intimacy. Focus on your partner. Think about his body, try to imagine how he is feeling at the moment.

  • Look at your partner. You can look into his eyes. Be sure to watch the companion’s breathing, movements of his body. Pay attention to the abdomen and chest area as he breathes.
  • Communicate with your partner without words. To express your feelings, use facial expressions, eyes, touch. Observe how your partner expresses his feelings. Try to understand how he is feeling now.

Taoist Sexual Meditation

This is a more complex form of meditation, with a focus on the couple’s shared desires.

  • Breathing in unison. Hug your partner and try to match your breathing. This means that you must breathe in and out together. Continue until you breathe in unison.
  • Hand impulses. Open and close your partner’s palm gently. You can also squeeze his hand calmly and rhythmically. The partner does the same with your hand at this time.

Meditation to Replenish Sexual Energy

  • Try to remember all of your sexual partners. Write down their names.
  • Take your time going through the list, remembering one lover after another. Imagine that they are all sitting opposite you now.
  • Now begin to call back your energy, spent when you were with this person. As you inhale, visualize invisible beams of energy emanating from your former companion and returning to you in the uterus. As you exhale, share invisible energy that you might not have shared at the time. By practicing this meditation, you can feel how emotions that have not been lived before are making themselves felt.
  • Finish the practice by placing one palm on the heart area and the other on the uterus area. Let yourself be overwhelmed with self-love and the feeling that you have regained lost sexual energy.



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