Three tips for not leaving the wedding fair ruined

In the frenzy of a wedding fair, the budget can quickly shatter. To avoid getting carried away, two experts give us their advice.

The wedding fair is an initiatory rite for many bride and groom who are looking for their caterer, their DJ, their florist or their photographer. But it can also be the scene of questionable financial decisions. No problem, we’ll help you stay within your budget.

Prepare for your visit

“Depending on the trade shows, it can be huge and look like a fair,” warns Nathalie Bernard of the blog La Mariée en Colère. And for good reason. For example, the Wedding Fair at Porte de Versailles (which takes place in Paris on September 14 and 15) covers 2,000 square meters and has 200 exhibitors. Without being prepared, you can quickly feel dizzy. To avoid losing her mind, she therefore suggests “making her preselection” before going there.

Charlotte Beuvelet, wedding planner, co-founder of the Com’une Orchidée agency, gives the same advice: “I always tell my newlyweds to find out about the services in order to better target the stands they want to stop by. Most of the shows have websites where you can find a list of exhibitors ”. So we go through everyone’s sites, and arm ourselves with a list to optimize your visit.

In video, 10 tips to prepare for your wedding when you don’t know where to start:

Know how to approach exhibitors

Once there, that’s where it all plays out. The blogger advises to “prepare a standard questionnaire for members of the same trade, to compare their offers with precision”. But the wedding planner has reservations about this technique: “Service providers often deliver a very polished commercial discourse, and this does not mean that they can meet all the specifications. Especially if they are missing information such as location, times, or the number of guests. ” She therefore advises asking simple questions, requesting a quote, and studying the proposals after the fact.

Do not engage

In the heat of the moment, it is easy to be convinced by the sales pitch of a talented salesperson or by a concept. Bad idea, according to Nathalie Bernard: “You have to think and not sign on a whim, even if you find the offer attractive”. Indeed, exhibitors often offer reductions, but “it’s always negotiable” if we are to believe the latter.

The safest way for Charlotte Beuvelet is to “take a brochure and ask for prices by email”. Then ask for one last piece of information: “Are you still giving us a 10% reduction in three days?”

Another risk, more dramatic, would be to be ripped off, or even never to be offered the requested service. “Some traders offer a half-price service for € 500, but we realize that the original price was already € 500. Beware of false savings and false reductions, ”the wedding planner warns us. “Before committing, you must go and see the opinions on the Internet, and ensure the financial health of the company on sites like Société.com.” Planning a wedding is often a source of stress, so you better avoid unpleasant surprises!

Posted on June 8, 2018, this article has been updated

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