Through His Eyes: 5 Women’s Habits Men Don’t Like

For us, these are innocent character traits, and for him, they are strong irritants that are difficult to understand and impossible to control. What “female tricks” scare away potential gentlemen? We figured it out.

There are habits that are harmful to health, future offspring and the environment. And there are – harmful to relationships, and many girls do not even suspect about the effect. We gave the floor to the men and decided to work on the mistakes together.

“Careful! I have makeup! “

It is unlikely that now there are many principal opponents of cosmetics, but everything should be in moderation. Do not get too carried away with makeup. The point is in the amount of makeup on the face, and in the appropriateness of the make-up. Perhaps the heavily drawn angry samurai-style eyebrows look great in ads and not bad in selfies with several softening filters, but for a rendezvous in a cafe, this is clearly not the best choice. By the way, in Japan it was called hikimayu and involved the removal of eyebrows, they were simply shaved off. It looked wild even in the nineteenth century.

A separate item is bright red lipstick. She looks great on the stars from the red carpet of some Golden Globe, but for a trip to her parents’ dacha, for a Sunday trip to the supermarket, and even more so when going to a fitness club, it is better to replace this eternal trend with some completely inconspicuous one , but much more appropriate hygiene.

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And most importantly – if you really could not resist and put on all the best for a date at once, do not focus on how much the created makeup is dear to you. There are ladies who in a restaurant try to chew without closing their mouths and take pieces of steak with their teeth alone so as not to smudge their lips. Who ask to be more careful with hugs and kisses – “I have a make-up!”, “I have styling!”. All this turns into a serious test of the male psyche. It’s better to immediately decide who is more important to you: a man or a makeup.

“Girls must be late!”

It is generally quite difficult to withstand the non-punctuality of another person. Immediately thoughts of disrespect, deception and a little complexes come into my head – if I were like Brad Pitt, she would hurry to the meeting. In a word, they definitely do not help the romantic mood.

People who are often late, of course, do not want to offend anyone and are not at all selfish, yeah. They simply cannot cope with the turbulent course of their own lives. But when you invite someone on a date, you somehow unconsciously expect that you will at least be doused with this stream, so, for decency. Instead, you get splashes and an apology text message.

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For men, everything is complicated by the fact that we do not know how to wait correctly. The girls manage to fill this half hour with something interesting. For example, go for a run through the nearby shops, look into a cafe, talk to a friend, and even meet our potential competitor. In the latter case, by the way, the latecomer will promise to stay even for a minute.

From my own experience, I can say that men cannot think of anything smarter than just waiting and thinking. But thinking like this, without a specific task, is bad for us. One has only to freeze on the bench, as thoughts immediately creep into my head, which line up in phobias. As a result, instead of a counterpart with a bouquet on a bench, a monster full of complexes and jealousy may be waiting for you. And who needs it?

“I wanted to wash my cup after me, but I ended up washing the dishes, the sink, the oven, the hallway and the dog.”

Some women are infected with excessive meticulousness. In small doses, it is useful. A man can still come to terms with the need to put socks in a separate box, but arranging them according to colors, material or state of wear is already overkill.

Even more alarming is the need to retell what you did every minute on Wednesday when you went to football with your friends. Especially when they even squeeze out of you the state of the lawn at the stadium and at the end bewildered: “Good. What haven’t you told me yet? “

Another equally common example of excessive meticulousness, which leads to a stupor, is the desire to make everything perfect at one time. I can agree with the need to vacuum and even include it on Saturday instead of fishing. But there is always a danger that you will not have time to wake up, as you drive through the whole city for slats for a chest of drawers, which no one really needs. And when you return home, you only dream of not having to re-glue the wallpaper. Urgently! “Because they are bored and I have already ripped them off.”

“Does this scarf suit me? And so? And if with a red beret? “

Our animal horror at the hint of joint shopping is only partially explained by the fear of seeing the bottom of the credit card or the phobia of being outside the range of reliable Wi-Fi reception. To a greater extent, this unwillingness to face endless questions again: “Does this blouse suit me?”, “What dress can I wear with these beads?” and “How do you like this thing?” That is, the “thing” still needs to be identified.

I understand that all this fuss is necessary for the fair half for a good mood. However, we men, for the most part, are so incompetent in women’s secrets that it is difficult for us to even just maintain a conversation. As a result, there is always a danger of running into the phrase “How can this skirt be combined with this sweater? Do you really care? You do not love me?”.

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No one admits this: the problem is not “love” or “all the same.” Often we simply do not understand what, in fact, is the difference between a gray scarf and a “wet asphalt” scarf.

The saddest thing is that shopping simply won’t work. If you don’t go to the store, he will come to you himself. And even in a more dangerous form. In the shopping center there is still an opportunity to discuss potential new items, while at home we will talk about purchases that have already taken place.

“How could you buy cakes? I’m losing weight! “

The world is threatened by two global unsolvable problems: hunger and overweight. Since the introduction of programs for smartphones that keep track of calories and help plan a diet correctly, an epidemic of obsession with food systems has passed in the part of the Earth where the second problem is recognized as more urgent.

To one degree or another, orthorexia struck almost everyone. But personally, I find it especially difficult to adapt to the obsession with controlling excess calories. You can still get used to the diet, although there are incidents like an invitation to go to a restaurant in the midst of another “unloading”. Let not the first time, but somehow you learn when and what you can offer.

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In high-calorie accounting, the lack of a system to which one can adapt is knocked out. You never know if you can bring home cookies or it is better to limit yourself to a bouquet of daisies, because your lady of the heart has eaten a piece of cake in the morning – and now she has only two cucumbers and a glass of yogurt left to the upper daily calorie limit.

There is only one advice here: we understand and appreciate your desire to be attractive to us, but, with a high degree of probability, if a man is ready after work to go not directly to the sofa to his favorite TV series, but to make a detour to your favorite pastry shop, most likely you are already the most beautiful in his eyes. Therefore, just kiss your earner – and hide the buns in the far corner of the closet when he sits down to watch his series.

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