Through his eyes: 8 surefire signs that he really likes you

In order not to get lost in conjectures, we asked the men themselves how they behave with the girl they like. It turned out that it is very easy to unravel their feelings.

In order not to rack our brains and not go to our friends for advice, we decided to ask our author how a man in love usually behaves. It turned out that it is very easy to “figure out” the secret admirer.

Tries to be around

signs of a man in love love relationship

Love is a bit like addiction. For men, this is expressed simply – we physically need to be somewhere near the object of passion. Otherwise, withdrawal, spleen, alcohol and “exploits” begin. Therefore, we try in any way to be in the same room with our goal, without even thinking how it looks from the outside.

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If someone’s face constantly flashes in front of you, who is not at all obliged to do this based on the requirements of the job description and the flow chart, then this is very suspicious. Take a closer look at him. This is either a spy, or a crook, or a secret admirer. The chances of the latter are not bad – one in three.

Catches glances

signs of a man in love love relationship

Although observation is not our greatest strength, we love looking at women. Moreover, many are sure that men love first of all with their eyes, and then with other organs. And we are really ready to admire the girl we like for hours. This unconscious urge to touch at least with a glance is a pretty clear sign that feelings are raging inside our chest.

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It usually doesn’t end with observation. We also try to catch the eye. Somewhere deep in the subconscious, a naive faith lies and awaits its time: as soon as the beloved looks into our eyes, she will understand everything without words. We probably picked her up in women’s novels. It is clear that this does not work and you still have to talk.

He took care of himself and talks about it

signs of a man in love love relationship

Metrosexuals have long spread across the world, but for the most part our attitude to our own appearance can be described briefly: shaved and okay. Everything changes when romance interferes with life. Those who are struck by the arrow of cupid are generally prone to non-standard behavior, but first of all, they suddenly begin to notice that it is time to change the sweater, trim their hairstyle, and at least activate the gym membership.

But just to take care of ourselves, in silence, is not enough for us – we must definitely please the girl with a project of future transformation. So further hints, leading questions, requests for advice will follow. By the way, I have a theory that metrosexuals are either lovers or love-hungry bachelors who lure unwary beauties.

Calls for melodrama

signs of a man in love love relationship

Every romantically inclined man is simply obliged to perform some kind of feat. And be sure to bring proof of masculinity to the lovely lady. In the modern world, going for a trendy leopard skin replaces going to the cinema. It’s fun, inexpensive, and kissable if things are perfect. In addition to all this, along the way, an easy way to add an example of heroism to your portfolio will be drawn.

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Instead of a standard blockbuster or, in extreme cases, comedy, we are ready to go to melodrama – to really impress our beloved. Moreover, often we ourselves propose to choose something tearful. Let him know that we are not only about beer and chips, but also with a fine mental organization – and, most importantly, we put her tastes above our own.

Accompanying shopping

signs of a man in love love relationship

Snatch five hours from the day off, when the “tanks” are not fed and the fishing rods are not tested, and put them on the altar of your shopping? Obviously, such sacrifice did not appear from scratch. Considering that our attitude to expeditions to malls is fundamentally different from that of women, there must be a very good reason for such an act.

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This is even a clearer beacon than agreeing to watch a melodrama. If only because purchases take longer and all the pain they cause cannot be crunched with popcorn. On the contrary, it is also required to answer torture questions, such as “how is the village dress?”, “Does this color suit me?” and “what do you say?”

Trying to cook

signs of a man in love love relationship

It’s hard to say where the habit of conquering women with culinary skills came from, but now it’s practically a trend. Preparing pancakes for her in the morning or frying potatoes with bacon for the night – it already depends on the degree of closeness in the relationship.

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The tenacity with which they storm the stove and refrigerator does not depend on skill. Usually, the worse the taste and color of that strange substance, which we call “vegetable stew”, the more pride the cook feels – and only the most heartless lady will not try a dish prepared with such love.

Makes gifts

signs of a man in love love relationship

The most obvious sign. The fact is that even a modern emancipated society from early childhood hammers into the heads of boys: if he wants the girl’s attention, you need to give her a candy, a balloon, a ribbon. And it works, despite the split account, feminism and other miracles.

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Of course, a gift does not always mean that we have some far-reaching plans. But if one and the same man does them with some regularity, then he still has certain hopes. It is also very important what exactly they bring. Gifts should have romantic overtones. Sweets, bouquets, perfumes, and the most ideal option is jewelry.

Admitted by himself

signs of a man in love love relationship

When other ways to show our sympathy don’t work, we can take the bold step of confessing personally. It is so difficult to do that it is given to few. Even those who do decide, postpone this event until the last moment. Therefore, given the difficulty with which words make their way, such confessions can be trusted.

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And then it already depends on the particular man – one says “I love you” in the sense of “prepare a veil, shoes and a white dress”, the other – in the sense of “I want you, today you are a miracle how good.” Both, you see, are nice.

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