Through his eyes: female flaws that men actually like

Full hips, small breasts and wrinkles near the eyes – how many nerves were spent, how many outfits were not worn, just to mask these defects.

Because of them, girls shed tears, complex and rush into the abyss of psychoanalysis and plastic surgery. But we, men, have our own opinion about all these “defects”.

Big booty

And one of the biggest riddles for us: how can one become complex because of such an obvious dignity? Actually, the strong half of humanity did not notice at all when the priest suddenly became a problem. Everything seemed to develop normally in the world, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren – and suddenly rrraz: miniskirt, Twiggy, unisex and anorexic models as the ideal of a female figure.

We were confused for a while – and even scientists began to protect women’s buttocks. As from a cornucopia, works that explained that the craving for appetizing forms is inherent in males almost at the level of instincts. It turned out that it is easier for such ladies to do the offspring, and their health is better, and their physical development is high. And in general they are kind and smart. That is, they did everything to worry about the priests, it was a shame.

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Jennifer Lopez, who once insured her buttocks for $ 27 million, contributed a lot to the rehabilitation. Perhaps this was a publicity stunt, but the emphasis on this particular part of the body should cheer up those who doubt their figure. The complexes twerk and Kim Kardashian are finally destroyed. The latter simply pushed her way to fame with her stellar booty, without worrying a bit about her outstanding size.

Small breasts

The statistics may seem ruthless: various opinion polls stubbornly give the owners of small breasts 5-10% of male attention. In this case, the fourth and fifth sizes together gain about 30%. But don’t worry too much. And that’s why.

Many of the survey participants are visionaries and dreamers who have never held anything outstanding in their hands. Polls and even special research suggest that large size is quite rare. Russian women, for example, rank only 41st in average breast size per ward. But the macho continues to pursue the classic male policy: big is cool. In reality, breast size has little effect even on the decision to come up to meet, not to mention something larger.

To finally calm down our compatriots, we will give a Hollywood example. Keira Knightley honestly admits: “I have zero breast size, so I don’t wear a cleavage.” It is imperceptible that this interferes with her personal life and career.


Even a small hint of a wrinkle makes a huge gap in women’s self-esteem, into which thoughts of age and old age immediately creep, possibly surrounded by 40 cats. At such moments, more than ever, male support and care is needed – but the trouble is that we, men, for the most part, these emotional impulses, like wrinkles, do not even notice. These are such unimportant details that we would rather pay attention to the bills for anti-aging treatments.

In addition, there are quite a few comrades who, on a subconscious level, choose beauties with “rays of happiness” near their eyes. They just need such an experienced woman with an easy character for family happiness.

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Age in the modern world has ceased to play an important role. For a long time women do not become “Balzac” at thirty and old maidens at twenty. Today you can afford a little wrinkle and naturalness. A rare man will reject you because of this – you can ask the current President of France Emmanuel Macron for more details.


The accusations of female verbal incontinence were initiated by men. And they themselves have regretted more than once. The situation when the other half is silent scares us even more. Immediately, thoughts of a universal insult and a forgotten memorable date appear, which plunge us into panic. If someone does not believe, then conducting an experiment is as easy as shelling pears: be silent for exactly one evening.

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According to research, women do speak more – it’s all about different information processing. You pronounce the first words earlier, you can better perceive information by ear, almost everyone is able to listen and speak at the same time and give out three times more words per day than we, representatives of the strong half of humanity. And this is not a bug – this is your common factory chip.

But even if the girl greatly exceeds the average level of female talkativeness, the young man in love will find this feature cute rather than stressful. Moreover, he will also claim that he is ready to listen to your voice forever – “and chirps, chirps, chirps.”

Inability to cook

Against the background of emancipation and general employment, the question of who will cook has ceased to be relevant. In modern families, where even grandmothers work, dinner is heated by the one who comes home earlier. Delicious borscht is still a good argument, but it is no longer the main caliber in the battle for family happiness.

And, I hasten to console you, those who talk about the path to a man’s heart through the stomach have simply never walked another, more direct path – if you understand what I mean. As long as your lover is well with you in other rooms, you may not at all shine with talents in the kitchen.

Moreover, confidentially, many men themselves do a good job with their culinary duties. So if you really want to master his favorite dish, just ask for advice. We really enjoy teaching, giving master classes and feeling like a real Gordon Ramsay, even when it comes to making an omelet with sausages and ketchunes.

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