Through his eyes: what men really fall in love with

It would seem that we know how to conquer him – a skirt to the figure, heels, pouting lips and masterly shooting with eyes. Is it all that obvious?

Thin waist, loose hair, hip gait and culinary talents – it would seem that we know how to conquer him. Is it all that obvious? Our columnist tells.

Beauties – out of turn

The ancient Greeks invented Eros, gave him arrows and sent him to strike unwary hearts with love. This version of what is happening still seems to me the most plausible. But again, even then they noticed that the ladies are less demanding and agree to hand their lives over to some faun with their own forest. But men need at least Elena the Beautiful.

Since then, hormones have been discovered and bikinis have been invented, but the situation has hardly changed. Two years ago, VTsIOM conducted a survey of Russian men and found that 27% of them prefer beauties. All the rest are by far behind: smart girls (17%), sincere simpletons (15%), kind hearts (13%) and hostesses (9%).

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It may not seem very fair to some, but everything is explained by the very mechanics of the process. We just fall in love faster, sometimes one glance is enough for us. And beauty is something that is much easier to define than intellectual or culinary abilities.

Therefore, it is really easier for beautiful girls to provoke Eros to accurate shooting and they get access to a man’s heart out of turn. It only saves that the standards of attractiveness are rather vague. We react to some general assessment rather than specific features. And all your life telling how much you like thin blondes, very often you listen to the wedding march with a plump brunette.

Healthy mind

Attractiveness isn’t just about looks. Often, unconsciously, men refer to her features that cannot be associated with breast size. For example, we “bite” on the pleasant scent that comes from the hair, sexy gait or voice, and in recent decades, more and more attention is paid to good appetite.

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Of course, we are not talking about extremes, such as participating in a competition “who will eat more hot dogs per minute.” Men are intimidated by meditating on a salad in an attempt to persuade the reality that it tastes better than cake. On the one hand, we rolled up the cherished 90-60-90 in gloss, and on the other, we prefer the girl to eat deliciously. The fact that this is contrary to physics and physiology does not bother anyone.

First violin

There is one very effective way to win over a man. In most cases, we cannot resist a well-conducted siege and ourselves fall in love with women who have clearly demonstrated their feelings for us. Probably, some laziness and a desire to take the path of least resistance affects. Or maybe it just flatters us?

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In addition, I will reveal a secret, approaching a cold unapproachable beauty, each of us, whether he is at least three times confident in himself, with the appearance of Brad Pitt in his best years and the state of Bill Gates, is internally afraid of being rejected – now she will make a bored face or snort at our attempts to get to know each other. If a girl is the first to show signs of attention, we, hybrids of Pitt and Gates, understand that there are more chances to be favorably received – and we are more willing to make contact.

Quiet haven

Many scientists have noticed that males of Homo sapiens in some amazing way choose women who are similar to their mothers. To explain this phenomenon, dozens of large-scale studies have been carried out, and no fewer hypotheses have been proposed based on their results. However, there is no real understanding of why this is happening.

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In my opinion, the closest to the truth came psychologist Marissa A. Harrison, who reduces everything to the unconscious search for happiness. From her point of view, we, men, fall in love with him – happiness, or rather a set of hormones that rage in the blood, causing bouts of euphoria. Most of us with mothers have the most pleasant childhood memories – warm hugs, understanding and fragrant buns. Our brain remembers how good it was with this woman, so it selects someone like that for life.

A smile is required

A strange paradox: a serious relationship requires some ease. At least when two people take their first steps towards each other. Actually, even from fairy tales it is clear that Tsarevna Nesmeyana cannot be attributed to the ideal of women. And you must admit that it is much more pleasant to communicate with people who are cheerful, joyful, a little adventurous and easy-going. In the flow of their energy, you yourself begin to look at life easier.

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Any dating site will tell you that photos of men and women smiling are gaining more responses. No, of course, everyone intellectually understands that a cheerful avatar does not say anything about the true character of a person. But subconsciously it seems that it is easier to build joint happiness with someone who is already happy in himself. Or maybe love is too delicate and fragile a construction to trust gloomy people?

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