Tibetan collection: does tea help for weight loss

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The Tibetan harvest is a combination of dried and shredded plants. The manufacturer claims that after brewing, an infusion is obtained that has fat-burning properties. Its daily use will allow you to lose weight and at the same time cleanse the body of toxins.

The list of contraindications for the biocomplex is quite wide. And it contains components that can cause the development of allergic reactions. Before you start taking a herbal remedy, you need to consult a doctor.

Composition and impact

The composition of the Tibetan weight loss collection is represented by plants that grow both in our country and abroad. Almost all of them are included in the official reference books on pharmacognosy. This means that there is an evidence base for their therapeutic effectiveness. The bioactive additive is formed from the following dry plant materials:

  • fennel;
  • chamomile;
  • linden;
  • black elderberry;
  • peppermint;
  • senna;
  • dandelion.

Each of the tea ingredients exhibits its own specific therapeutic activity. And in combination, they enhance and prolong the therapeutic effect of each other. Tibetan tea is characterized by anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, diuretic, laxative, decongestant properties.

Dandelion root helps to accelerate metabolism, faster movement of the food lump along the gastrointestinal tract. And peppermint soothes, normalizes sleep, eliminates anxiety and anxiety. The presence of linden flowers in the composition of Tibetan tea allows not to be afraid of a weakening of the immune defense during the treatment.

Indications and contraindications

The main purpose of the Tibetan herbal collection is to reduce body weight. It is recommended for people with excessive appetite, which provokes the use of an increased amount of food. It is advisable to use the biocomplex for women and men who prefer to have a snack right before bedtime.

The indication for tea therapy is also the high content of harmful lipids, simple carbohydrates in the diet. This composition is typical for fast food, sausage and confectionery products, semi-finished products. The presence of crushed dandelion roots in the collection will be beneficial for people with gallbladder diseases.

Tibetan slimming tea has both absolute and relative contraindications. It is strictly forbidden to use it in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • in childhood and adolescence;
  • with overweight caused by endocrine disorders;
  • with acute liver and kidney diseases;
  • with severe inflammatory or dystrophic lesions of the gastrointestinal tract.

The relative contraindications of the herbal remedy are cardiovascular pathologies, including arterial hypotension. It is necessary to discuss the safety of this method of losing weight with your doctor.

Brewing and application rules

The Tibetan weight loss collection is a filter bag containing a mixture of dry crushed herbs. Each secondary package (cardboard box) contains an annotation. Compliance with her recommendations will help to avoid the manifestation of negative recommendations from the body. The recipe for Tibetan tea is simple:

  • one bag is poured with 2.5 cups of very hot, but not boiling water;
  • insist for 8 hours;
  • filtered if necessary.

The Tibetan Collection should be taken warm twice a day. The optimal time to consume is a few minutes before breakfast and immediately before bedtime. The duration of the treatment course varies. If you have a few extra pounds, it is enough to use tea for a month. With an excessively large body weight, a repetition of the course will be required.

Advantages and disadvantages

Unlike many bioactive additives, Tibetan tea contains only beneficial herbs with proven healing effects. They are actively used not only by folk, but also by official medicine. The use of such a herbal weight loss product has several advantages:

  • lack of pharmacological load on the body;
  • relative safety;
  • a rather rare manifestation of side effects;
  • cumulative effect of ingredients;
  • possibility of long-term use.

Drinking tea for a month will help to strengthen the systemic immunity, to stop sluggish inflammatory processes. Many of the ingredients in a slimming product can have a positive effect on digestion and peristalsis. It is also worth noting the sedative effect of the infusion. Its use will help improve the quality of sleep, make it easier to fall asleep.

The main disadvantage of tea is the lack of fat-burning properties in its ingredients. They are all good for health, but they are not able to stimulate active weight loss. Therefore, drinking the Tibetan collection for weight loss is advisable only as an aid in getting rid of extra pounds.

Tibetan herbal collection is one of the few dietary supplements, the intake of which has a beneficial effect on human health. But, unfortunately, it will not be possible to lose weight with the help of tea with a preserved diet. It is correct to drink the Tibetan tea as an addition to a strict diet, intense sports. In this case, it will help to more easily endure the decrease in the calorie content of the daily menu, the restriction in tasty but harmful dishes.

Tea can also be considered a good bowel cleanser. It will help dissolve cholesterol blocks, remove them from the blood vessels. The collection is also useful for people suffering from chronic constipation, prone to the formation of edema.

: Lyudmila Sheveleva, doctor,



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