Tiger manicure 2022: bright ideas for the New Year

Very soon, the Blue Tiger will come to us, which will rule all of 2022. And we already know how to appease him-stylish images for the New Year, bright makeup and even a manicure. It is worth noting that in choosing a design, you can use all your imagination – no restrictions.

First of all, pay attention to the colors that should be used – black, orange, gold, white. It is better to give preference to a laconic manicure with a tiger’s face or with its paw. You might want to design a tiger print. It is important that the tiger does not get lost on your nails.

In addition, keep in mind that the owner of the next year does not like variegation. Therefore, a large number of rhinestones, sparkles and stickers should be discarded. It is also not recommended to use many different techniques in manicure and make each nail a different color. The ideal option would be if you choose several colors and make one or two nails more interesting.

And yes, the Blue Tiger does not like red, so it is better to refuse it in the New Year’s manicure. After all, our main task is not only to make an interesting and beautiful manicure, but also to appease the owner of 2022.



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