Tiger mosquito: the right reflex to have when you have just been bitten

The simple thing to do in case of a bite

The tiger mosquito has taken root in almost all of France. Aedes albopictus, which can be recognized by its small size and black and white stripes, worries the health authorities. In question: even if it is rather rare in France, it can transmit diseases such as dengue or chikungunya.

What to do in case of a tiger mosquito bite? It is already necessary identify the little beast that stung us. The insect is less than a centimeter tall and has conspicuous black and white stripes. Its bite is usually more painful and itchy more than other mosquitoes, and the pimple is more visible and large. In addition, the tiger mosquito bites during the day, against culex (the most common mosquitoes) who prefer to wait until nightfall.

In the event of a bite from a tiger mosquito, to fight infection, Stéphane Gayet, infectious disease specialist at Strasbourg University Hospital interviewed by The Parisian, advises to disinfect the bite in a very short period of time because the viral load deposited by the mosquito takes 15 to 30 minutes to pass into the blood “. However, you must have felt the mosquito bite us and seen it land, so the technique is not 100% reliable. The specialist advises alcohol-based antiseptics, rather than oil-based products.

In order to reduce the presence of mosquitoes, everyone can help. To do this, it is recommended to get rid of stagnant water sourcesbecause females lay their eggs there. In addition, it is advisable to wear bright clothes, and opt for loose and covering clothing. To effectively protect yourself from these insects in risk areas, it is better to choose skin lotions which contain active ingredients recognized by the WHO.


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