To the office and on a date. How to choose a suit for all occasions

Some offices today have a strict dress code. According to him. A woman must wear a suit to work. However, I would like to choose a style that will allow not only to come to work, but will also be appropriate for any occasion.

Stylists give some advice to girls who want to choose two in one at once: a suit for the office and for a date.

Blue suit

Professionals do not get tired of repeating: if a woman does not know which color to give preference to, then she should choose blue. It is distinguished by its versatility. Therefore, it is suitable for any occasion. Also, this color belongs to the noble tones that ennoble the image. There are many shades of blue. The main thing is to find your own so that it refreshes. To do this, you need to know your color type. Accessories, such as scarves and jewelry, will complement the look.

Suit consisting of a pencil skirt and a fitted jacket

The author of this kit is the well-known Coco Chanel. Thanks to her, a woman in a business suit can emphasize all the advantages of her figure. Therefore, such a kit will be appropriate in the office, as it is discreet and has nothing superfluous. You can also go on a date in it. The chosen one will certainly appreciate all the delights of a fitted jacket and a skirt tailored to the figure.

Suit with a loose, elongated jacket

Pants in this suit are classic. In combination with a loose, elongated jacket, they create a set in a free style. It is versatile and therefore suitable for any occasion.

Suit with printed top

Not only has the print become fashionable, it also makes the suit less formal. The only thing to consider is that the print should not be too flashy. For example, it can be a cage fashionable this season or peas. A suit like this is refreshing and elegant.

Classic two-piece suit

Such a suit consists of classic trousers. As for the jacket, it reaches mid-thigh. Most often, the jacket is semi-fitted, with a female silhouette emerging in it. The big plus of the kit is that it suits women of any body size. To transform a classic business suit into a date set, just swap out your shirt for a feminine top.

And in a strict suit for the office, you can look feminine and romantic. Accessories will help to do this, as well as a suit selected in accordance with your body type.


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