Art of harmonious consciousness, it mixes breathing, relaxation and positive thinking … The objective is to achieve harmony between body and mind through gentle movements, inspired by yoga, meditation and hypnosis.

Its anti-smoking asset? It allows you to become aware of your body and really feel what tobacco inflicts (unpleasant odors, burning throat and lungs). Sophrology also helps to breathe to relax (I fill myself with well-being and I evacuate stress).

The session (50 to 80 € for 1 hour). After an interview identifying the needs, we practice a series of soothing movements, then breathing exercises in a sitting or lying position, accompanied by visualization of positive images.

The pro’s opinion: According to Delphine Bourdet, sophrologist: “To master the fundamental exercises, I recommend doing five individual sessions, to record to remember them at home. But if you feel your motivation falter, consider group lessons ”.

Jean-Philippe’s testimony: “I used sophrology to find comfort in the face of my anxieties. I had five sessions, and it was during these last few that I wanted to quit smoking. After a few months, I realized that I was calm and that I did not need cigarettes to be well. I got back to sport and I persevered with sophrology when I felt I was failing ”.


This is a branch of Chinese medicine that stimulates, using fine needles, points related to tobacco addiction. We can also “calm the mind” by soothing the stress points present on the meridians running through the human body. The energies thus rebalanced, weaning is more serene.

Its anti-smoking asset? It reduces addiction, but also sleep disorders, stress, fear of gaining weight, dull and damaged skin. Tobacco-related pain (cough, mucus, respiratory discomfort) can also be treated.

The session (60 € for 60 minutes). The protocol often takes place in three sessions. Once the points to be treated have been determined, the process begins with the insertion of the needles, stimulated several times during the session and then left to act for about 15 minutes at rest. The second session is done on D + 7 and the third on D + 3 weeks. At home, you can take kudzu capsules to relieve weaning (in organic stores).

The pro’s opinion: For Amel Drancourt, practitioner of Chinese medicine “In China, all the alternative methods start with an interview intended to“ open the door ”. It is important to understand why we feel the need to smoke ”.

Brigitte’s testimony: “I was looking for a method that would allow me to stay active in stopping smoking. Acupuncture is a good asset, but it’s up to me to fight. The practitioner is based as much on what I tell him (the situations prompting me to smoke) as on what he observes when examining me. The session is sometimes coupled with tui na massages and I get herbal medicine advice to help me feel better. After three sessions, I start to be sickened by the cigarette and its smell ”.


This reflexology concentrated in the ear painlessly stimulates different organs via the nervous system. The practitioner massages the area or uses magnets, needles, electricity or a laser.

Its anti-smoking asset? It puts the sensations created by tobacco to sleep. Exit the stress or the irrepressible urges to eat felt once weaning has started. The “physical urge” to smoke immediately disappears.

The session (35 € for 30 min). After an in-depth interview during which patient and therapist highlight the faults created by tobacco and its cessation, then comes the stimulation of the points to be able to put the appropriate areas to sleep. Often, one session is enough, but if you feel that you are likely to crack, nothing prevents you from coming back. If you smoke again, even once, all the points are reactivated and you have to start again.

The pro’s opinion: For Aurélie Hémard, auriculotherapist * “If you are pregnant, choose another method. Although no study has proven contraindications, as a precaution, we prefer not to stimulate the autonomic nervous system ”.

Fanny’s testimony: “ I quit smoking in just two sessions! From the day after the premiere, I no longer wanted to intoxicate myself and above all I did not feel the need. For the next few days, I didn’t feel particularly frustrated and my weight remained stable. There were a few situations that made me want to resume, and that’s why I preferred to come back for a “consolidation” session ”.


It aims to go beyond the state of consciousness to reach the unconscious, which oversees our behavior and takes precedence over the emotional brain, so that the “I want to change so I can” is not obvious. The goal is to act on a specific or unexplained disorder to overcome it by establishing new habits.

Its anti-smoking asset? It acts at the level of the unconscious, which takes it as saying that we are unable to live without cigarettes, that nicotine is essential and that withdrawal would induce a loss of mental balance and weight gain. The method allows you to overcome your fears to transform smoking cessation into a pleasure to free yourself from cigarettes.

The session (200 € for 2 h 30). The session begins with a dialogue between the practitioner and his / her patients (group sessions are frequent). After a presentation on the functioning of the brain, necessary for a good conditioning, come the moment of relaxation then that of the second state, where the practitioner addresses the unconscious.

The pro’s opinion: Bruno Gomez, Hypnotherapist ( prefers “to quick but regular sessions, a longer but unique session, to be continued at home with a CD. We then self-hypnotize each day for a month to deeply root the non-need for tobacco ”.

Muriel’s testimony: “I was a very heavy smoker (more than a pack a day). Several people advised me to hypnosis, so I took the plunge. I was able to discuss my anxieties about quitting smoking (that of being frustrated at not being able to smoke a cigarette in the morning, of being depressed or of gaining weight) with the doctor. When I left, I had the reflex to touch my pocket, before remembering that I had quit smoking. The next day, 3 or 4 hours after getting up, I found that I hadn’t even thought about smoking. I listened to the CD again ten days before I felt that I was released. It was as if I had never smoked in my life and it has been going on for 6 years ”.

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