Too Faced: top 10 of our favorite makeup products

We have all our favorite products! Whether it is skin care or makeup, some brands and some products have our preference. But sometimes, it is very tempting to test another brand, to achieve new styles of make-up or simply to vary the pleasures. You want to test the marque Too Faced but don’t know which products to turn to? Here are our favorites!
But first, it is important to come back to the story of Too Faced, in French “Too popular”. This american brand was founded in 1998 by two men: Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, who wanted to create a more make-up line “Fun” and colorful. And they take us to their very special world. The packaging is colorful, sometimes childish or bling bling. This is the case for example of highlighter “Diamond light”, enriched with diamond powder.

Too Faced: a complete makeup brand

With Too Faced, all types of makeup are possible and the products adapt to your desires. Indeed, the brand provides you with products for the complexion. Thus, you find foundations with more or less pronounced coverage, but also Highlighter for bring light and relief to the face. You will also find blushes to enhance the complexion and concealers to hide dark circles and small imperfections.
Then there is a whole range dedicated to the eyes. The pallets have a greedy smell of gingerbread, or more fruity with peach for example. This makes the products very pleasant to use. The eyeshadows are intense and there is something for all tastes: matte, iridescent, glitter …
Finally, on the lipstick side, Too Faced offers very trendy glosses with a glittery lacquer finish, and even a collection of products that add volume to the lips. We love !

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