Top 10 best perfumes for the autumn cold

With the onset of the first autumn cold weather, we so do not want to say goodbye to the summer warmth … We try to extend the summer in all possible ways: bright clothes and accessories, frivolous hairstyles and bold makeup, and, of course, our favorite scents that fill with sun and warmth. has collected for you the top 10 best perfumes for the cold autumn that will prolong the summer!

«Euphoria Deep» от Calvin Klein

Another version of the famous scent “Euphoria” from the Calvin Klein brand is “Euphoria Deep”. Indeed, the name is quite consistent with the contents of the bottle. The scent is deeper than its predecessors and truly autumnal. But it is in it that we still find the notes of the outgoing summer, the sun and the bright smell of summer flowers. The main notes are peony and rose, and these are exactly the flowers with which summer is associated. Patchouli, musk and white pepper will add piquancy, and mandarin leaves turned out to be a herbaceous note. A great option for a daytime perfume for autumn days.

Perfume for autumn

“Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic” от Guerlain

But this fragrance is truly summer, bright, warm, one might say, stopping rain and dispersing clouds! Everything becomes clear from the name itself. Mandarin with basil is the perfect summer combination. Juicy citrus will remind you of warmth and sun, while basil will give a spicy aroma reminiscent of Italy or a seaside vacation. The main notes are complemented by the smells of flowers: peony and chamomile. Again, the most that neither is summer flowers: a peony pleases with a noble sweetness, and chamomile – with the carelessness of field herbs. The composition is completed with sandalwood and amber.

Perfume from Guerlain

«Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet» от Christian Dior

“Blooming bouquet” is the name of this version of the famous fragrance “Miss Dior” by Christian Dior. Summer itself is enclosed in a bottle, the smell is floral and very bright, iridescent with an abundance of notes. The main “characters” are rose and peony; this combination is very popular in many perfumes, as it is very harmonious. The floral pair is complemented by fruity notes of sweet peach, apricot peel and tart bitter orange. Despite the rather sweet notes, the perfume sparkles with warm freshness and is not at all cloying. A great option for young girls.

Women's perfume for autumn

“Majestic Alien Oud” от Thierry Mugler

What can warm you up in the autumn cold better than spices and spices? And, of course, the fragrance “Alien Oud Majestueux” by Thierry Mugler turned out to be exactly this, oriental and warm. The basis of the fragrance, as the name implies, is oud or agarwood. Its unique spicy note is reminiscent of oriental incense. Oud is perfectly complemented by saffron, musk and white amber. And over all these spices, the aroma of white jasmine soars easily. A rich and sensual scent suitable for evening use rather than daytime use.

«Cashmere Mist» от Donna Karan

Another very warm scent, good for fall. The main audible notes of Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist are sweet vanilla and white jasmine flowers. Do you think the scent is purely summer? But the base notes are perfectly complemented by sandalwood. It kind of “grounds” the lightness and sweetness of the main notes, but at the same time makes the smell more refined. A good scent for a warm autumn, ideal as a daytime perfume, will appeal to calm women who value harmony and positivity.

“Portofino Flower” by Tom Ford

Well, especially for those who, by no means, can not part with summer, with the smells of the sea, with the atmosphere of vacation, the fragrance “Fleur de Portofino” by Tom Ford has been created. For the sake of fairness, it must be said that Tom Ford’s all fragrances are very successful, be it a fresh citrus composition or a spicy oriental one. Fleur de Portofino is truly synonymous with the sea and holidays. An abundance of citrus notes: bergamot, lemon, Sicilian orange – give freshness and juiciness. Violet and lilac are more reminiscent of spring days. The composition is complemented by such unusual notes as Cassie tree, mimosa, acacia honey, civet and Muscat Abelmos.

“Wild Essence” от Halle Berry

One of the most successful budget fragrances when it comes to the ranking of autumn compositions. Halle Berry’s Wild Essence is very original and unusual. The composition begins with bright notes of sweet and rich black currant, which are complemented by sour notes of juicy mandarin and tart bergamot. Then the scents of freesia, white rose, cotton and linden flowers come into play. The scent is rounded off with amber, sandalwood and musk. All this gives an unusual combination, making the scent very original. It is suitable for evening use, but it will feel quite organically during the day.

Perfume for autumn

«Mimosa & Cardamom» от Jo Malone London

The names of the fragrances from the English perfumer Jo Malone speak for themselves. They clearly indicate the basic notes that will be heard in the perfume. Yes, and this is not a perfume, but rather a cologne – a light and unobtrusive perfume for daytime use. The fragrances are very elegant and sophisticated, it is not for nothing that the British royal family, in particular, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, loved them so much. “Mimosa & Cardamom” includes, as it becomes clear, honey mimosa and freshly ground cardamom. The main notes are successfully complemented by damask rose and heliotrope, as well as sandalwood and tonka bean. The smell is oriental, warm and velvety.

Perfume for autumn

«Bamboo» от Gucci

But this fragrance will be a real boon for those who appreciate freshness and even some shrillness. Citrus fruits, dominated by bergamot, are complemented by aromas of lily, ylang-ylang, vanilla, sandalwood and amber. The name “Bamboo” is noteworthy: as you know, bamboo grows even in the most extreme conditions. And it is precisely such qualities as determination, strength and independence that the fragrance “Bamboo” by Gucci should awaken in women. A perfect scent for autumn days if you prefer freshness to sweetness.

«The Girl» от Tommy Hilfiger

Well, and finally, we still could not resist and picked up another fragrance with a pronounced summer mood. Tired of leaf fall, cloudy weather, rains and slush? Feel free to scent “The Girl” by Tommy Hilfiger! It has everything for the summer season: honey pear and sugar figs, which make up the main sweet notes. Floral lightness is added by jasmine, lily of the valley and violet – rather, spring flowers than summer, but therefore even lighter and more delicate. The composition is rounded off by exquisite woody notes of Kashmir wood and white cedar. A great warm daytime scent that reminds of summer.


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