Top 10 quilted runway bags you can wear in your everyday life

We are inspired by ideas from the catwalk and choose the most fashionable and comfortable bag for the coming winter.

The main object of desire this season has become a quilted bag: in the fall-winter 2020-2021 season, designers have shown many variations of this fashion accessory, ranging from quilted cross-body to soft clutches. The Instagram feed was immediately filled with fashionable models of bags: soft quilted accessories were perfect for those who are used to prolonged home quarantine.

Quilted bags have secured their association with the Chanel brand, because the first such bag model was invented by Coco: jersey fabric, short chain and quilted texture – all these details have made the Chanel bag the most popular accessory, which every year becomes a real trend in the interpretation of designers. And if in the spring of 2020 everyone was crazy about the Bottega Veneta quilted bag, then this fall elegant Versace clutches, bright voluminous Stand Studio shoppers and a Valentino crescent bag ascended to fashionable Olympus.

Alexander McQueen and Stand Studio have unveiled oversized quilted bags this season – perfect for those who like to have everything they need close at hand. And for those who are afraid that such a bag will not fit into the image, we advise you not to worry: despite the fact that it is not as miniature and decorative as the timeless classic Chanel, the voluminous quilted shopper is ideal for both everyday life and for a solemn event. Of course, you shouldn’t take a huge bag with you to a party, but at a fashion exhibition a quilted shopper or a tote bag will be indispensable accessories, because a more practical bag is hard to find.

Photo: Alexander McQueen Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Photo: Stand Studio Fall-Winter 2020–2021

Chanel this season did not change the classics and released miniature quilted bags on a chain in bright colors. They can be worn with no less bright clothes or give preference to nude and pastel tones, and make a quilted accessory the main accent in the image. For those who love miniature bags, check out the Miu Miu purse, the red Versace clutch and the small Marco de Vincenzo bag – these options are great for any party and hold a little more than a phone and lipstick.

Photo: Chanel Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Photo: Miu Miu Fall-Winter 2020–2021

Photo: Versace Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Photo: Marco de Vincenzo autumn-winter 2020–2021

Designers Tod’s and Fendi suggested looking at quilted handbags – the perfect everyday option to pop into a party. Lovers of bright shades will definitely like a yellow or orange bag, and for those who prefer classic options, accessories in brown and golden tones will do.

A photo: Tod’s autumn-winter 2020–2021

Photo: Fendi Fall-Winter 2020-2021

A spacious quilted bag with a thin strap AVAKE Mode is ideal for those who carry a lot of things with them, but love to keep their hands free. Valentino designers this season drew attention to the quilted crescent bag: it can be worn both in the hands and on the shoulder: thanks to the versatility of the silhouette, this accessory always looks elegant and graceful.

Photo: AVAKE Mode Fall-Winter 2020–2021

Photo: Valentino Fall-Winter 2020-2021

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