Top 3 Dangers of Soap to Skin

Primitive types of soap were known as far back as ancient Mesopotamia, today thousands of its varieties are available – for household needs, hygiene and body care. However, experts warn: with excessive use or selection of low-quality products, soap poses a serious threat to the skin.

Destruction of natural microflora

If the human body did not have its own various protective “barriers”, then before such inventions of civilization as disinfecting gels and antibacterial soaps, people simply would not survive due to the mass extinction of the species. Of course, experts are right in recommending that you clean your hands before cooking and eating food, after visiting unfavorable places where there is a risk of bringing infection.

However, if you use too often soap with a “powerful cleansing” formula, stuffed with disinfecting ingredients, it will lead to the destruction of the bacteria existing normally on the skin’s surface, whose role is invaluable – they are able to suppress pathogenic microorganisms.


Violation of acid-base balance

The surface of human skin does not exist on its own – it is covered by the so-called hydrolipid mantle, which is formed by a mixture of sebum, sweat and organic acids. The average pH of the skin is considered to be 5.5, but depending on the body parts and on the personal characteristics of the person (dry, oily skin), the pH can range from 3.5 to 7.

Naturally, when using soap with a significantly different pH from your own skin (for example, 8-9 have some varieties of baby and toilet soap), its acid-base balance will be disturbed. Over time, this can become noticeable by a feeling of tightness and dryness. But even worse, when the normal pH is distorted, microscopic lesions form on the skin, through which pathogenic bacteria can easily penetrate. Also, the upper layers of the epidermis lose their ability to quickly regenerate.

The harm of soap to the skin

Provoking aesthetic imperfections

Dry and flaky skin is just the tip of the iceberg of troubles that threaten lovers of regularly washing with soap. The fact is that often soap contains:

  • artificial colors;
  • preservatives;
  • chemical flavors.

These supplements can aggravate chronic dermatological conditions and can also cause allergies with symptoms such as watery, reddened eyes and nasal congestion.

The skin, with which soap, figuratively speaking, “peels off” the upper layer invisible to the eye, once acquires noticeable visual imperfections. For example, it reacts poorly to direct sunlight – quickly burns, becomes covered with “summer” age spots.

Another consequence is premature aging. The skin becomes flabby, sluggish, covered with wrinkles. And these consequences are eliminated long and hard.

Soap dries out the skin

In conclusion, it is worth noting that despite the disadvantages, it is possible and necessary to use high-quality soap with a natural composition, the main thing is to know when to stop, without soaping up ten times a day.

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