TOP 4 best dyes, shades of persistent and ammonia-free products

Blue hair violate the rules of color types in a good way: they suit everyone! Dyeing your hair blue in a salon is no more difficult and no more expensive than, say, a trendy one pink… The main thing is to choose the right shade that will emphasize the dignity of the appearance. To do this, choose a paint, taking into account the peculiarities of skin and eye color.

blue hair dye

The main taboo is the abundance of skin imperfections that you want to hide. Blue and blue hair will certainly accentuate them. The same is true for blue under the eyes, as well as bluish skin tones. The capillaries close to the surface of the skin against the background of the hair will give you a painful look, but the dense corrector will hide all minor imperfections.

FROM redheads by nature, hair and abundant red pigment will have to sweat a lot to get a beautiful cold shade of hair. In all other cases, feel free to choose blue!

cool shade blue hair dye

Most likely, you cannot do without preliminary discoloration, but colorists will not let your strands suffer. For this, protective treatments are added to bleaching mixes. So, in scales L’Oreal Professional the task of maintaining healthy hair structure is performed by the concentrate SmartBond… At home, the air conditioner will continue to work. SmartBond with ceramides – this treatment maintains keratin bonds in the structure of the hair shaft and gives the hair strength and natural smoothness.

How to choose a shade of blue hair dye

The gamut of blue is a rich field for experimentation. Each tone has its own nuances and characteristics. See what shades of blue are currently in vogue, and we will tell you exactly who they suit best.

Blue hair dye

Light blue will suit girls with natural blond and light eyes. Ice or pastel blue will perfectly complement blue eyes, creating a fashionable interpretation of the Snow Queen. Blue shades well ash staining as a highlighting tone, the hairstyle immediately looks more voluminous and embossed.

The shade has only one drawback: blue hair dye is rarely found in its pure form, but in professional palettes (in Matrix SoColor Cult – exactly) usually there is a clear shade Clear, thanks to which the base blue dye can be diluted to the desired tone.

Dark blue hair dye
Dark blue hair dye 1

This shade is suitable for brown-haired women and brunettes. Feel free to choose dark blue hair dye if you have brown eyes. Can add silver or a purple nuance – mixes can make any image unique.

Advice from the experts at SalonSecret. You can slow down the fading of the dark blue tint yourself, just choose color-retaining shampoos, conditioners and masks. This is how professional tools work Vitamino Color from L’Oreal Professional.

Light blue hair dye

Cornflower flower is in fashion! You need to work carefully with light shades of blue: there is a risk that the expressiveness of the face will be lost against the background of such staining. Who is this range suitable for? Of course, girls with large and expressive eyes, clear features and lovers of bright makeup. Play in contrast!

Electrician Blue Hair Dye

A rich shade of electric blue is found not only in wigs: it can actually be obtained by dyeing. The main requirements for the owner of this color are courage and a desire to stand out. Such coloring will look spectacular in the form of an ombre or highlights on brown, dark and dark blond hair.

Advice from the experts at SalonSecret. Paints that give an electric sheen wash off rather quickly, and sulfate-free shampoos and cuticle-covering (and with it artificial pigments) care products will help slow the process. There are such products in the range Keep Me Vivid from Matrixspecially designed to care for capricious shades. Combination shampoo and air conditioner with a comfortable leave-in cream Velvetizer guarantees up to 65 days of color brightness.

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Top stylist Maxim Rokitsky chooses shades of wet blue for trend coloring. Jeans, gray-blue and wet shades of blue will be very relevant alternatives to blonde. It is easy to tint in gray-blue blonde and brown hair… Wet blue and gray suit almost everyone, as well as the legendary piece of wardrobe – jeans!

Shades of blue can be used for toning dark hair… Choose blueberry with a blue or blue-violet undertone to add variety to your look. Blueberry will look good in contrast with blue eyes or karimi… There are no restrictions on skin tone either: dark-skinned women and “snow-white” will look equally good with this shade. Choose blueberry for toning and highlighting black hair – this is the most effective combination.

Greenish Blue Hair Dye

Olive and tanned ladies can choose the color to the envy of mermaids… Marine shades will go well with green eyes, and with gray, and brown. Choose a blue-green tone in combination with ombre coloring or combine with turquoise highlights.

Advice from the experts at SalonSecret. Such complex nuances fade quickly, so ask your colorist to carry out the treatment with slightly acidic milk immediately after dyeing to seal the color in the hair structure. This is how R.A.W. Color Care (Biolage), spray laminator Keep Me Vivid (Matrix) and milk Acidic Sealer from the gamut Vitamino Color (L’Oreal Professional). The latter is also suitable for home care.

It is not yet possible to get beautiful blue curls by inheritance, but there are many other ways. Staining can be long-term or one-day. See the most popular types professional dyes in our selection.

Permanent blue hair dye

Permanent dyes are a great option for those who do not want to change their image often. Depending on the base color and the desired brightness, the permanent blue dye will be applied to either bleached or natural hair. Permanent paints are mixed with an oxide or activator to securely fix the pigment in the hair cuticle.

Most often, colorists take a mixton (blue from the palette Majirel from L’Oreal Professional just one of them) and mix it with other shades to get, for example, a blonde with a denim nuance, a bright dark blue tone or a unique color of your dreams.

Ammonia free blue hair dye

They will appeal to those who do not want to injure their hair once again. Minuses such coloring: the pigment does not always cope with gray and dark hair (they need preliminary clarification), it is washed out much faster. But there are much more advantages! For example, with a gentle cream paint, it becomes possible to try all possible shades of blue.

Tinted blue hair dye

Tint balms, shampoos, foams and creams allow you to change color much more often than in the case of paint. On dark hair in this way, you can get a slight overflow, but for a bright color you will have to lighten the strands, besides, tint products are not suitable for those who want to get a deep, saturated color.

blue dye powder for hair

The least persistent option among others is crayons or ink… They are applied to dry, clean hair before or after styling. In some cases, the pigment can last until the next wash, but most often it crumbles imperceptibly during the day.

Spray blue hair dye

Pigmented spray is easier to apply than crayons. It is easy to apply the paint yourself on the finished hairstyle, if you want to change the image for several hours, or even days. With the help of a spray, you can highlight individual strands, and stylists recommend just this approach.

It is important to paint in the salon. This is a guarantee of your safety, testing for sensitivity to components and a consistent quality result. The SalonSecret experts have shared their top 4 favorites – your master probably knows about these professional blue paints too!

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Try a rich blue hue “Sea Admiral” or mix your mix with purple and turquoise from the palette SoColor Cult brand Matrix… These are the brightest and most concentrated shades that will give the hair softness and shine due to the caring components in the composition.

Among the popular dyes Matrix Color Sync Watercolors there is an incredible shade – Sapphire Blue… It can be used to create a trendy shade of wet blue, watercolor blue or sparkling sapphire. The complex of ceramides in the composition turns the dye into an ideal agent for glossinga, glazing, toning and much more.

Another good paint for bright girls. Deep indigo or light blue? The shades of this dye can be “adjusted” to your wishes. Colorful Hair – This is an ammonia-free product that is suitable for both light highlighting and for a radical change of image and trash techniques.

If you are used to changing the image often, then try the dye City Beats. Broadway at Night in neon blue, Galactic Metallic or Blueberry Nights? If you can’t choose, then mix these shades! The paint gives the strands a bright color and a well-groomed look, but at the same time it is easily and beautifully washed off, which allows you to often experiment. With the help of a transparent cream from the same palette, the master in the salon can easily adjust the shade from light pastel to flashy and rich.

It is better to entrust the choice of paint to a professional. The colorist in the salon will be able to accurately suggest, taking into account your previous dyeing experience and the peculiarities of the hair structure. There are general recommendations that are important to know: follow our advice so as not to make a mistake with the choice of paint.

  • With gray hair it is better to choose permanent dyes with ammonia. This will make the stain more resistant. Temporary dyes do not always “take” gray strands.
  • When staining for the first time start with a few strands or highlights. Ombre or partial staining is suitable for those who are afraid of growing dark roots.
  • Ammonia-free paints ideal for those who like to experiment frequently with color and care about shine and health of their hair. After a few weeks, the color will leave your curls without damaging the hair structure.
  • If you dye your hair natural dyes (henna, basma, etc.), in no case choose the paint yourself. There is a risk of getting an absolutely unexpected and uneven color on the head. But on professional vegetable dyes L’Oreal Professional Botanea it is quite possible to get a bluish-black shade.
  • Oils, protein and keratin in the composition of the dye are needed to protect the hair from environmental influences and prevent dullness. Choose paint with the most beneficial composition.
  • Any cosmetics (even crayons and sprays) are important before coloring. test for an allergic reaction or sensitivity to components. Apply the composition to the elbow or the area behind the ear and carefully monitor the skin condition throughout the day.
  • Before staining with permanent dye try the one-day options like crayons or spray. This will help you decide on the shade and decide if you like the blue palette in general.

Blue is beautiful, and even in a strict office look it will take its rightful place – if you guess with a touch. What blue options did you like?


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