TOP 5 fashionable things for spring 2020

There are literally a few days left until the beginning of spring. And that means it’s time to update your wardrobe. With us it will be simple and easy for you to do it. In order to look fashionable in the new season, you only need a few tips on how to create a wardrobe, as well as the top 5 things that every fashionista must have.

We analyze the wardrobe

We act in stages. First, take a close look at your wardrobe. Set aside all the things that are exclusively suitable for winter, because you won’t need them until next season. Thus, you will get rid of the feeling of a “full closet”.

  • Take away things that you have never worn in the last year. Most likely, you will never wear them again. Remember, in place of the old thing, a new one will come. What to do with things that have been waiting for their time for years? It is best to donate to charities, and if the item is from a famous brand, try selling it.
  • Try to throw out as little as possible. Emptying the wardrobe is a good thing, but putting things in order at home, you don’t have to pollute the world around you. Be guided by the principle – everything should be used as efficiently as possible and go into action!
  • Get seasonal items. Examine them carefully for defects. Something might have torn, stretched, or covered with pellets. We get rid of junk and put in order everything that can still be repaired.
  • Try on all your clothes. After all, during the winter you could gain weight or lose weight. You need to make sure that everything fits you as perfectly as before. If not, then we put it aside, and then we decide what to do with them.
  • Rate the remaining items. Do you want to wear them as before, or don’t you like them? Only wear clothes that you really enjoy.
  • Make kits. Perhaps you have a lot of clothes for work, but you don’t have the right walking kits.
  • As a rule of thumb, one “bottom” (pants / skirts) should be combined with 3 “tops” (tops / blouses / jackets) for more variety.
  • It will also be useful to know the formula for the perfect wardrobe. To create the perfect wardrobe, you need to divide your time spent on a particular activity between work, rest and communication. For example, if work takes up the bulk of the time (60%), then it is desirable that there are 60% of things for work in the wardrobe, if outside work 25% – then everyday clothes should be 25%, and so on. If the numbers do not match, then there is an imbalance in the wardrobe.
  • Remember that the ingredients of an ideal wardrobe are: 60% basic items, 35% capsule wardrobe, and 5% fashion items. The complete absence of trendy items is unacceptable, since the wardrobe will look out of date.

Having analyzed, as indicated above, the items already in stock, we proceed to compiling a list of items that are not in your wardrobe.

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Burberry, Tom Ford

Now let’s take a look at the top 5 trendy things that every fashionista must have this spring.

Shopping for Spring 2020

The sand trench coat is a timeless classic, but the black, maximally relaxed trench coat will become a real highlight of your wardrobe.

Black trench coat for spring 2020

Eco-leather is not the first season with us, and the warm season is not at all a reason to abandon this trend. Black leather is still relevant this season, as well as colored options.

Fashionable eco-leather trousers

Fashionable eco-leather trousers

High waisted denim skirts and midi lengths are back at their peak! Pair it with anything, be it chunky sneakers, western ankle boots or sophisticated pumps.


The suit itself is an incredibly profitable investment in your wardrobe. Since you can wear its components not only in a single set, but also separately, combining with many other things, and find new combinations. And in a fuchsia suit, you will not only not go unnoticed, but you will also look stylish.

Mango, Zara

Tiered dresses will become an indisputable trend of this spring. Such dresses will add airiness and romance to the image. In spring, they can be easily combined with outerwear: a trench coat or a rough leather jacket. Play on contrasts between textures.

Fashionable dresses for spring
Zara, H&M, Mango

Author – Anastasia Kapusta

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