Top 5 fatal mistakes in aging skin care

At any age, the skin requires special care. And if we are talking about aging skin, then you really need to be extremely careful. In most cases, you shouldn’t be “fooled” into advertising and trying everything just because marketers claim it’s a “miracle cure”. You need to make a start only on how your skin feels with this or that remedy. In general, many make almost the same mistakes in caring for aging skin. decided to tell you more about them so that you do not repeat these mistakes.

Mistake 1: Saving on care products

It’s not about how much your cosmetics cost right now. After all, budgetary funds of the mass market category can work no worse than expensive luxury brands. Rather, luxury brands will work in the same way as budget ones, because no one has invented the elixir of youth that works wonders! We are talking about those products that are positioned as “2-in-1” or even “3-in-1”. Again, this is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Indeed, with such a tool, you can significantly save money, even if you buy an expensive one. But will it work up to the mark?

It is much better to purchase several products, preferably one series and brand, each of which will perform its own special function. Buy separately a milk for removing makeup and separately – a tonic, you should not take the same “2-in-1”. The same goes for night and day creams, because they work in very different ways. There is no universal remedy for any time of day and will not be. You can just as well buy the cheapest baby cream, but it will only soften your skin. But with age it is necessary to deal with other problems, isn’t it?

Top 5 fatal mistakes in aging skin care

Mistake 2: too much oil in skin care

Natural oil is very good, especially when it comes to skin care. But by including natural oils in the composition of cosmetics, the developers attribute them to truly miraculous properties: getting rid of cellulite, faster hair growth, elimination of deep wrinkles … In fact, on aging skin, oil can only lead to the opposite effect: clogging of pores and the appearance of acne, acne, inflammation and irritation. And many essential oils can cause severe allergic reactions.

Therefore, you should not get carried away with oils. Use them more on your body than on your face. You can also make oil masks for hair. If you really want to pamper your skin with oils, do not do it more than once a week.

It is best to apply an oil or oil mask to the skin after exfoliation. But don’t rub it into hairy areas of your face, and certainly don’t add it to factory-made creams or serums. By the way, you shouldn’t do the same with professional “beauty ampoules” – let them work separately, and not as part of your homemade cream.

Mistake 3: don’t forget about the neck and arms

Paying a lot of attention to the skin of the face, we forget about the skin of the neck and décolleté, as well as about our hands. But it is the neck and arms that give out the maximum age. Let the skin of the face be thoroughly polished with peels, lovingly moisturized with the best creams and even professionally pricked with beauty injections, all the same, the neck and hands will give out our true age. Therefore, we must not forget about them when it is necessary to deal with age-related changes.

After 40 years, you need to use special products for the neck and décolleté. At the same time, many cosmetologists also allow the use of a face cream for these zones, because it is designed to fight the same age-related changes. Do not forget about peels and scrubs, as well as creams, serums and masks – using them for the face, it is quite possible to pay attention and time to the neck and décolleté area.

Hands need to be moistened constantly, and even better – regularly do professional age-related care in the salon: paraffin therapy, oil baths and other procedures.

Mistake 4: Abundant Micellar Water

Micellar water is a relative novelty, which is so loved by many, both young girls and mature ladies. But we can say that this is, again, a good marketing move and the same tool from the category of “2-in-1” or “3-in-1”. Cosmetics are washed off with micellar water, washed, used as a tonic, moisturized the skin …

Indeed, it perfectly rinses off cosmetics and removes impurities from the skin. And all thanks to micelles – small particles that capture dirt and dust and “carry” it with them on a sponge or cotton pad. In fact, this is nothing more than surfactants, and we have heard enough about the harm of surfactants in detergents and shampoos.

If for young skin such aggressive cleansing is still acceptable (and then it should not be abused), then for aging skin it should be applied only on a case-by-case basis.

Going on vacation, long flight or train journey? Then, of course, you can and should take a bottle of micellar water with you. But for everyday care, micellar water after the age of 40-45 is not suitable. Plus, did you know that it must be rinsed off, even if the packaging says “No rinsing required”. First remove your makeup, and then wash with your usual mousse or gel. And so few people do!

Mistake 5: Expecting too much SPF

It has been said so many times that the sun mercilessly ages the skin and can cause wrinkles even on a young dermis at an early age. That is why we are in such a hurry to buy creams with a high SPF filter, not only for holidays or the summer period, but also for the whole year. However, as far as aging skin is concerned, products with UV protection, even with the highest, will already be practically inactive. No cream can 100% protect against ultraviolet radiation, and the sun is becoming more aggressive and harmful every year.

What to do? Banning yourself from sunbathing from 11 am to 4 pm, especially if you are on vacation at the seaside. After all, the reflection of the sun’s rays from the water will further enhance the effect of the sun on your skin. It is much better to get up early in the morning, sunbathe safely, and then relax at lunchtime, going to the beach after 4:00 pm. Do not forget to wear hats, preferably wide-brimmed hats, and even better – sunbathe in partial shade. In general, tanning has a negative effect on the skin at any age, so it should not be abused even in youth.

Aging skin care

Ideally, you do not need to sunbathe purposefully at all. Sunburn is really harmful – this has already been proven. Over the past 50 years, the popularity of beach recreation has grown, and with it the incidence of cancer has grown. For example, melanoma has become 15 times more common. Therefore, it is better not to abuse the beaches, but to wear a hat with brims and use protective creams in the city, then we will have maximum protection and a chance to get additional years of youth and life.

Author: Tatiana Maltseva

Aging skin care


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