Top 5 rules for evening hair care

We carefully follow all skin care rituals before bed. We cleanse it from cosmetics, tone it up, apply a night cream or serum. And in the morning the skin will thank us with a radiant and rested look. So why do we often forget about hair? After all, our curls before going to bed also need care and certain procedures. We decided to share with you the main rules of evening hair care. Choose the best ones for regular adherence!

Rule 1: buy silk pillowcases

Silk is a natural material with a hypoallergenic effect. This fabric is very smooth, does not wrinkle or wrinkle, it is ideal for bedding. It is not for nothing that in Japan, only silk is used for bed and pillowcases – and just look at the porcelain faces of Japanese women with perfectly even skin! A silk pillowcase will keep your skin from stretching and dents. Plus, silk practically does not absorb care products applied to the skin in the evening, which means that they will work to the maximum.

Night hair care

But silk pillowcases have huge advantages for hair. Silk is anti-static, that is, it does not electrify the hair. Again, it is super sleek and the hair will not tangle, sliding freely over the pillow. The curls will remain smooth and shiny until the morning, and even styling will remain!

Another know-how: buy a piece of natural silk and just wrap your hair overnight – the effect will be the same. This technique was used by the actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood, and it is great for travel and vacation, when you sleep on hotel pillows. There are also special sleeping hats made of natural silk on sale.

5 important rules for evening hair care

Rule 2: don’t sleep with your hair loose

If you have short hair or shoulder length, sleeping with loose curls is perfectly acceptable. Of course, if you are so comfortable. But with an average length and long curls with loose hair, it is not recommended to sleep. They will become very tangled and tangled, especially if the hair is thin and fragile. Ideal: braid a loose braid or even several. In the morning you wake up with light, natural waves on your curls – a great option to save time on styling.

Many girls prefer to pick up wet hair in a high tight bun at night. In the morning, dissolving it, you get beautiful voluminous curls. BUT! American trichologists and dermatologists have proven that a tight ponytail or bun is a direct way to pinch hair with an elastic band, breakage and even fall out due to stress on the roots and hair follicles.

If you want to make a bun in order to get light curls in the morning, do not use an elastic band, twist it loosely and fix it with a silk ribbon or scarf.

Evening hair care

Rule 3: make a mask at night

Want perfectly smooth and shiny curls in the morning? Apply a nourishing or moisturizing mask and leave it on overnight. At the same time, washing your hair is not at all necessary: ​​apply your favorite mask on dry curls, preferably on the ends, twist them into a loose bun or braid them and hide them under a hat. During the entire night time, the mask will penetrate deep into the hair structure, and will not only act on the surface, as it happens when you leave it on the hair for 5-7 minutes.

True, after such a procedure in the morning you will definitely need to wash your hair. Therefore, it is better to do the mask at night before the weekend so that you are in no hurry. Wash your curls as usual and apply conditioner. You will be surprised how easy it will be to comb your hair, how manageable, smooth and shiny it will become. It is also advisable not to dry your hair with a hairdryer after this procedure in the morning, but to let it dry on its own.

Hair Mask

Rule 4: pick up night care products

Many brands produce specialized products and cosmetics specifically for night hair care. As a rule, these are professional brands, and therefore the selection of such a product is best done with an expert or master hairdresser. Most products are lighter in consistency than regular masks. They have the structure of serum, essence, liquid, and are available in the form of ampoules or hair spray.

There are remedies for hair loss: they are rubbed into the roots and are active throughout the night while you sleep. There are cosmetics for brittle and dry curls: it is applied to the length and ends, well moisturizing and nourishing the entire hair structure. There are remedies for dandruff, anti-grease, for colored hair, etc. Choose exactly the remedy that is needed to cope with the existing problem. Most of them don’t need to be washed off in the morning, so you can save time on both styling and healing treatments.

Rule 5: try aroma combing

Surely many people remember the advice of our grandmothers: comb your hair at least 100 times before bed. This really makes sense, as brushing stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and promotes more active hair growth. If you want to use hair ampoules that are rubbed into the scalp, be sure to comb your hair with a soft massage brush for a few minutes before doing so. The circulation will increase and the ampoules will be more active during the night.

Another great trick for shine and strength of curls is aroma combing. Choose a soft massage brush, wood brush, or natural bristle brush. Find an essential oil that you like the smell of.

Take a neutral vegetable oil (olive, corn, almond – about 50 grams) as a base oil and add a couple of drops of essential oil to it. Now drip oil onto the brush and comb your hair along the entire length. Remember: orange oil will eliminate grease, lavender will remove dandruff, ylang-ylang will remove dryness and brittleness, sandalwood will accelerate hair growth.

Author: Tatiana Maltseva

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