Top 7 most stylish shoes for the winter season 20/21

Shoes always complete the look. To look fashionable, you need to choose fashionable models. Today the fashion for shoes changes with every season. What was relevant yesterday, today is the time to put into the closet until the time when this model becomes popular again. Today the following models are considered stylish.

  1. Treads

Lovers of over the knee boots can rejoice: in the coming season, boots are back in fashion. In this case, girls can choose any color. Here they are given complete freedom. As for the shape of the nose, it can be sharp, square and rounded. You can choose the shape that you like best and that goes well with outerwear.

  1. Cossacks

Cossacks, or cowboy boots, are also making a comeback after ten years of neglect. They can be presented in different colors. The only thing to consider is that the boots should be made of genuine leather or natural suede.

  1. Chunky sole boots

Designers return to the 90s. It was then that boots on a massive platform came into fashion. They can be with lacing or with clasps. The main thing is the massive sole. In addition to being fashionable, it is also practical. Feet will not freeze in severe frost.Top 7 most stylish shoes for the winter season 20/21

  1. Chain

The main shoe decoration in the new season will be a chain. The more massive it is, the more stylish the shoes will look. However, stiletto heels look sleeker with a thin chain than with a massive one. It is worth noting that both boots and boots can be with a chain.

  1. Chelsea

Chelsea is back in fashion. This model is practical and versatile. Therefore, the fair sex is so fond of this model. The novelty is that the designers suggested wearing chelsea on the platform.Top 7 most stylish shoes for the winter season 20/21

  1. Sneakers

As always, sneakers are in fashion. At the same time, retro-style models are gaining popularity. To be on trend, it is better to choose massive sneakers. They are more relevant this season than ever before.Top 7 most stylish shoes for the winter season 20/21

  1. Oxfords

If a girl wants to buy universal shoes that will be in fashion for more than one season, then you should pay attention to Oxfords. He migrated from the men’s wardrobe to the women’s and every year it only strengthens its position. Choosing oxfords, a woman will not regret it, as they will help out in any weather and are suitable for any occasion.Top 7 most stylish shoes for the winter season 20/21

Stylists advise, when choosing fashionable models, to take into account what kind of outerwear they will be combined with.


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