Top trends spring-summer 2020: the most fashionable shoes, photos

Shoes are the main trends for spring-summer 2020. A photo.

From the variety of spring-summer trends, we have chosen the most fashionable shoes 2020, which can become a key element of a stylish look. In the new season, it is enough to focus on bright color, shape, minimalistic restrained decor to be in trend. The secret of a fashionable image lies in summer sandals with thin straps, and rough boots and boots with thick soles. What other fashionable shoe options are in the spotlight – trending? Consider in the photo review the most current models of 2020.

Saint Laurent

Fashionable shoes on a thick platform

The must-have of the new season. The huge rectangular platform has been featured in the collections of Gucci, Y / Project, Matty Bova and other designers. You can buy just ankle boots, sandals or shoes. In any case, such an accessory on a massive platform will really bring the image to a new level. These trendy shoes, in the style of the 70s, can fit into a stylish wardrobe, regardless of age and style. Although it looks pretty massive.


Rough boots

Do not give up positions. Fashionable models were presented in new collections of almost all fashion designers in all kinds of variations. And this trend will continue for the fall-winter 2020-2021 season.


High or chelsea-type – such heavy boots will allow you to experiment with images, beautifully beat both everyday spring outfits and airy light skirts and dresses. Check out stylish street looks from the latest fashion weeks for fresher and more inspiring combinations.

Shoes with chains

Chains are the main decoration of many shows in Milan, London and New York. Chains of different thickness are used to decorate not only bags, but also the most fashionable shoes of the coming season. And not only boots, shoes, sandals, but even ballet flats, for example, like Gucci. In general, if you want to buy shoes with decor, there is no better option. Because modern fashion exalts the confident. It remains only to trust your sense of taste and choose the option that suits you.

Animal print shoes

An excellent choice that will favorably distinguish you from other representatives of the fair sex is shoes with a trendy animal print. In the spring-summer season, it remains on the list of quite popular ones. She was seen in the collections of Vetements, Drome and Bottega Veneta and others. In tandem with monochromatic outfits or to match the print – ankle boots, high boots with a zebra, crocodile or leopard print will create a bright provocative image.

Animal print shoes

Fashionable cowboy boots

Animal print sandals

Fashion shoes 2020

Animal print sneakers

High-heeled sandals

A high, thin heel can work wonders for any outfit, not just for celebration. Shoes of such a plan are a universal solution that will help to cope with many issues at once. For example, this fashionable combination will make the legs taller and visually longer. High-heeled sandals can be with long straps or decorative elements. Let’s say, made of metal (chains), fringed, with elements of transparent plastic or mesh. In any case, they will be a good solution for those who like to emphasize a sensual feminine nature and elegance.

High-heeled sandals

Fashionable look with sandals

Fashionable sandals 2020

Mesh sandals


Tie Sandals & Sandals looks

Perfect fashion pairs: Greek-style sandals with provocative long drawstrings or more practical sandals with a comfortable square heel with thin straps. They are not just for vacation. These shoes can be worn with a long skirt, short dress, shorts, or summer jumpsuit. Of the models proposed in the new season, stylists distinguish sandals from Etro, Dior and Valentino.

Sandals with thin straps

Actual shoes with ties 2020

Jacquemus Tie Sandals

Long Tie Sandals

Fashionable retro shoes

In the spring and summer of 2020, the trend will be laconic shoes in the style of Mary Jane (Louis Vuitton), and elegant pumps, ballet flats with bows (Prada, loewe). And leather flip flops are flat flip flops. Retro couples, in the style of the 60s, are perfect for both a daring, daring lover of experiments, and a girl who just likes comfortable shoes. All retro variations can become not only an accent detail in the image, but also make the spring-summer look non-trivial.

Looks with fashionable shoes 2020

Review and photo fashionable shoes

Fashionable pumps 2020

jacquemus slides

Actual shoes spring-summer 2020

Fashionable shoes in retro style

Fashion shoes 2020

Shoes the most fashionable spring-summer

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