Toy rental: are we taking the plunge?

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For some time now, many toy rental concepts have emerged. It is because renting instead of buying has many advantages! So, do we test?

Renting toys is attracting more and more young parents, whether on the principle of a monthly subscription or a daily rental. Indeed, this practice is never again in tune with the times: it is economical, durable and space-saving. What more could you want?

Why rent toys?

Whether you are green or on a budget, toy rental could be the approach you are looking for to satisfy your children while doing good for the planet and your wallet. Tour of the advantages of toy rental.

1. For small budgets

Who hasn’t opened their eyes wide to see the price of the latest trending game? Some toys are inaccessible to families who are in a precarious situation … Rental has the advantage of offering low prices: count between 2 and 10 € to borrow a game for a month. “For an equivalent budget, in one year, the rental will have enabled you to enjoy an average of 16 toys against 8 for the purchase”, affirms Lib & Lou, site for renting eco-responsible games and educational material.

2. A zero waste spirit

Toy rental will appeal to the most eco-responsible parents: here, no unnecessary consumption. You rent the toys that you are actually interested in and send them back when used. These are then reused by other families: this is what we call efficient recycling!

3. No accumulation

The toys lying around by the dozen in all the rooms of the house, it’s over! Renting games also means decluttering its interior: after having used it fully for a month, you send the game back. It does not even have time to fall into oblivion and collect dust in a corner. Add to this that decluttering your house is also freeing your mind: it’s all good.

4. Better stimulation

It’s a fact: kids today often have too many toys. This abundance harms their creativity as well as their concentration: having too many choices, children no longer explore a game sufficiently before moving on to the next. Limiting the number of toys would therefore stimulate the little ones more. Plus, having a game for a set time encourages kids to get the most out of it before handing it in.

5. In the rules of art

We see you coming: parents can be germophobic, especially in these times of a pandemic. Rest assured: the toys for rent are washed and disinfected before being returned. No need to worry! But if you’re skeptical, there’s nothing stopping you from disinfecting them once you get home.

Do we dare or not?

Toy rental is more and more relevant than ever and there is no reason not to give it a try. The only downside: this practice is not yet widespread. In Belgium, therefore, there is not yet a wide range of concepts and places to rent toys … However, we have found five services currently available: discover them here.

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