Traveling by car with a baby: 6 tips from moms for a safe trip

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Are you going on vacation soon with your baby? Here are the tips of 6 mothers to better prepare your car trip.

This summer, you have decided to go away for a few days with your family, in order to get away from it all and get some fresh air. A stay that you look forward to, especially after having spent long weeks confined. But if this is your first time taking a long trip with baby, you may feel a little stressed about hitting the road with such a little one. Don’t panic, we’ve put together some tips from moms to help you experience this first long drive with your child with peace of mind.

6 tips from moms for a peaceful trip

To make this departure a peaceful one, the watchword is “organization”. Six moms shared with us their best advice on how to best plan your trip.

1. Take the road at nap time

Aurore is the mother of an 18 month old baby boy. She advises us to leave when baby is about to take a nap, for a quiet journey.

“My partner is originally from Alsace, and as all his family and friends live in this region, we go there at least once a month to visit them. Very early, we took the road with our son to enjoy two or three days in my darling’s native region. To spend the trip in peace, we always take the road when it’s time for a nap. We give him his bottle or his meal, we change it and then we hit the road. He systematically falls asleep within 30 minutes of our departure. So we have two good hours of calm… He even sleeps longer than at home, rocked by the movements of the car ”.

2. Put a mirror in front of baby

Lily has two children, 2.5 years old and 5 months old. She has just returned from a 10-day vacation in the Netherlands and tells us about her mirror trick, which helped her on her car trip.

“We have just returned from a few days vacation in the Netherlands. It is certainly not very far, but I was very apprehensive about this first ‘long’ journey with two small children, who both have their backs to the road. To reassure myself, I put small travel mirrors in front of my children, which I oriented to see them in the rearview mirror, but also so that they can see me too. With this little technique, we keep reassuring eye contact, both for the little one and for the parent ”.

3. Stop very regularly

Aurélie has two children and every year goes to meet friends in the South of France. She advises us to stop at least every two hours, even if it means making the trip in two days.

“Our best friends moved down south many years ago. So we go at least once a year to join them, during the holidays. The first time we left our first daughter was less than six months old and I was completely stressed out about making such a long drive. So I inquired and read that we had to stop every two hours to avoid it being uncomfortable for baby in his car seat. So we made the trip in two days, so we didn’t have to run, and we stopped every two hours as recommended. When we had to take breaks, we would go out of the highway and find ourselves a nice little corner to be comfortable and to enjoy. In the end, it was pretty cool! Today, our daughters are 10 and 12 years old and we make the trip in one day, but we have always lived Zen journeys with so many stops ”.

4. Prepare a bag with everything you need

Laura is the mother of four children, including a 13 month old baby. Before going on vacation, she always prepares a “survival” bag, which she keeps close to her throughout the trip.

“The first time I went on vacation with my first child it was a horrible ride. I spent my time looking for the pacifier, the toy, the wipes… After this trip in galley mode, I promised myself to be more organized. Since then, I have prepared a backpack with everything I might need during the trip, which I keep at my feet so that I have everything I need available: diapers and wipes, a blanket and an emergency pacifier, compotes in a carton, a change of clothes, bibs, handkerchiefs… I even plan a thermometer and painkillers, as well as cream for the change in case of irritated buttocks because of the trip ”.

5. Take some toys

Will your trip last more than two or three hours? So remember to take something to occupy your baby. Valérie has two children aged 2 and 6, and always provides a small bag with some activities.

“When we go on weekends or on vacation, I plan a small bag with a few games, just to occupy them: for the baby, I plan a blanket, a small fabric book, a toy that makes noise and which has multiple textures. For my older one, I plan activities of his age, such as a sticker book for example. Be careful, however, avoid electronic toys which tend to excite children. I tested on our last trip and it ended with a good fit of crying on the way ”.

6. Baby is crying too much? Sit next to him

Baby is crying and you can’t calm him down? Sabrina advises us to sit next to him a bit so that he can see you and calm down.

“My son doesn’t like long car trips, and it often ends in a crying fit when the trip lasts more than an hour. So when we notice that he starts to get angry, we stop, and my husband or I stand next to him to talk to him and smile at him. Seeing and hearing us reassures him… and he calms down quite quickly ”.

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