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Puff sleeves trend: how to apply to your look? We have solutions. More than 60 photos and examples.

Voluminous sleeves are one of the trends of 2020, helping to create bright images. Get inspired by them at the latest shows of Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera, Burberry, Loewe, Valentino and other famous fashion houses.

Lutz Huelle, Carolina Herrara

The trend for puffy voluminous sleeves has been relevant for over a year now, and will not leave the fashion pedestal in 2020. To get a better idea of ​​this trend, here are a selection of stylish looks from popular bloggers and designers. Where in the main roles – fashionable wardrobe items with voluminous sleeves.

Hypertrophied sleeves trend of the season

What is the style and details in trend in 2020

  • The first thing more magnificent sleeve volume – the more fashionable. However, it can be long or short.

Very puffy sleeve

  • Colors and materials can be very diverse, as well as clothing models. But, note that the main color of 2020 is blue (Classic Blue).
  • In the new seasons, you can meet the current sleeves-lanterns-balloons, flared-bells, puffy-puffs and other massive sleeves not only on dresses and blouses.
  • In addition to them, in the coming year, you will need trendy coats and raincoats with voluminous sleeves, shirts and sweaters, jackets and blouses.

Below are examples of bright images of 2020, which you can safely focus on.

Trend of the season - voluminous sleeves top fashion items

Who is suitable for clothing with volume in the shoulder girdle and arms

Each girl has a certain type of figure. To do this, she objectively assesses the ratio of her hips and shoulders. Knowing your body type, you can confidently choose things that fit and know which ones to avoid. If we talk about fashionable things with voluminous sleeves, then these wardrobe items look best on the X, Ʌ, H and I types of figures. As a rule, they need to create an accent in the shoulder area. So, balancing with volumes – visually correcting the figure.

Who are things with voluminous sleeves suitable for?

Images with fashionable dresses and puffy sleeves

Top with puff sleeves

A hit of many showrooms and an active participant in fashion collections 2020. In a word, this is an unusual version of an elegant top for those who are ready for something special. You can wear the top almost everywhere, not only at New Year’s parties. For example, a light checked version will make the Look more feminine, fashionable and in everyday life.

Fashionable check top
Summer top with voluminous long sleeves
@Elena_pigul. with
Pink Puffy Long Sleeve Top
@ katya_gousset /

Lantern Sleeve Sweater

A warm sweater with puffy sleeves – plain or with a print, will always help out in creating a beautiful everyday look. If you do not yet have such an option, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the current models and examples of combinations.

An example of a trendy sweater and cardigan with bulky details

Sweater with an accent sleeve on a tall girl

Sleeve sweater - flashlight

Trendy leather shirt jacket with chunky sleeves

Leather models are a super hit of the new season. Combines well with tight trousers and skirts. The most chic is to wear beige shirts as part of a nude total look. Another option is to wear them under a coat along with T-shirts and turtlenecks.

Puff sleeve leather shirt

Fashion shirts with puff sleeves

Another equally relevant option is casual shirts with elongated puffy sleeves. Give preference to laconic models, in basic shades, where there is a minimum of decor. These shirts are always classics and will look perfect with casual jeans, skirts and accessories. Here are a few combinations for inspiration.

White shirt with decor and puff sleeves
Showroom @ elena_pigul
Long shirt with accent puff sleeves

Spectacular 2020 Victorian Blouse

A blouse with a bow and voluminous sleeves is a chic accent for the look. And a great solution when you need to look fashionable without losing your elegant style. A perfect duet with a thin blouse is made up of leather trousers. However, basic trousers with a high waist will emphasize its unique beauty.

Victorian Bow Blouse

Blouses with voluminous sleeves

Trendy jacket with accent sleeves

The favorite look of fashion bloggers and editors is a nude suit with shorts and a jacket. It is easy to see that practically this silhouette, delicate shades, voluminous sleeves can be seen in trendy looks for spring-summer 2020. Perhaps this aesthetics will inspire you too.

Suit with shorts blazer with puff sleeves

The image with a jacket where puffy sleeves

Casual dresses with trendy puff sleeves

Dresses with puffy sleeves will certainly settle in the wardrobes of the most fashionable girls. When choosing the right model, pay attention to the cut – it should be simple and loose, maybe asymmetrical. For example, a light cotton dress with an original sleeve is perfect for Cossacks or sandals. Knitted – can be worn under a belt with heeled shoes or rough boots. If we talk about the color scheme, then fans of the classics will be pleased with neutral tones. Romantically inclined girls – dresses with prints, in pastel and bright colors.

Casual dresses with puff sleeves

Fringed Puff Sleeve Casual Dress

Black Puff Sleeve Casual Dress

Party dresses 2020 with puff sleeves

Stylists recommend paying attention to evening models of dresses made of weightless chiffon, with voluminous translucent or openwork sleeves. Also, where there are fashionable bright flowers on a dark background or a laconic polka dots print (peas). Such popular options are available from Zara, Asos and many other brands. In the new festive collections there are both floor-length dresses and mini, tight-fitting and loose. And other models in interesting interpretations, fashionable colors.

Mini dress with heart print and puff sleeves

Puff Sleeve Party Dress

White dress with sheer sleeves

Party dress and lantern sleeves

Voluminous sleeves: fashionable images of 2020, style solutions, photos

All the attention to detail, bold combinations and bright accents that can bring a touch of novelty to your usual looks.

The image where the down jacket with a voluminous sleeve

The image with a cloak, where the voluminous sleeve

Elegant blouse with emphasis on sleeves

Black satin blouse with accent sleeves

Velvet black dress with short sleeves flashlight

White oversized shirt

Blouse in white polka dots with wide sleeves

Blouse with skirt

Oversized Black Puff Sleeve Dress

Midi dress with accent sleeves

Red chunky sleeve sweater

Black top with volume in sleeves

Bright sweater with wide sleeves

Plain blouse with chunky sleeves

Blouse with cutout and lantern sleeves

Black blouse with jeans

Black leather asymmetric blouse with white jeans

Trend - voluminous sleeves

Popular blogger in a voluminous blouse

Trouser suit with blouse

More than 40 looks - trend puff sleeves

Dress with wide sleeves

Silk blouse and voluminous long sleeve

Leather dress and volumetric sleeve

Emphasis on voluminous sleeves images with what to wear

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