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Closer to autumn, dark lipsticks appear in our cosmetic bags. There is a proposal to dilute the dramatic shades a little: makeup with purple lipstick is now on the list of the most relevant

It would seem that purple lipstick is the best option for accenting lips in summer makeup. This is a bright, luscious color that makeup artists usually use in looks for spring / summer shows. But this time purple is recommended for use in autumn and winter. Moreover, its entire palette of shades – from lavender to plum.Product Widget: NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP SOFT MATTE LIP CREAM, Shade 21, TRANSYLVANIA, Purple Matte, 8 ml

Experiments can start with a “pure” purple – a rich eggplant hue.

But its brightness “eats up” all the attention that other accents in makeup could receive, no matter how noticeable they are. Plus, this purple is difficult to combine with anything other than the classics – black arrows or charcoal eyeliner. Product Widget: NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP SOFT MATTE METALLIC LIP CREAM, Tint 05, HAVANA, Purple Metallic, 6.7 ml

More possibilities are given by lipstick in a pastel lavender shade (one of these we just recently tested). By the way, it looks best on the lips if the texture of the product is matte – and it can just be complemented with a metallic effect on the eyelids. You will get an expressive contrast without “brute force”. Another idea is plum lipstick. This is the darkest purple shade that can be confused with black from afar – it is ideal for autumn.

What are the best purple lipsticks for makeup this season?

Vice Lipstick in Speedball, Urban Decay

If you are looking for a “pure” purple shade, the best candidate for this is the deep purple Speedball lipstick, one of a hundred shades in the new Vice series from Urban Decay. It has a creamy texture that gently “lays down” on the skin in one gliding motion: it will be enough to obtain a rich coverage on the lips. Another reason to choose this shade is the benefits of the Vice formula: the lipstick contains aloe vera, jojoba, babassa, illipe and avocado oils to moisturize and nourish the skin.Product widget: Vice lipstick seismic

Pencil and lipstick for lips Ombre Lip Duo in the shade Poppy & Lily, NYX Professional Makeup

Under the Ombre Lip Duo caps there are two purple shades at once: one of them is lighter, closer to lavender, and the other is darker and brighter, similar to berry. They can be easily used individually. But initially, this NYX Professional Makeup product was conceived to create a fashionable ombre effect on the lips (if you want to repeat – follow our photo instructions). The purple gradient is aerobatics that will make people around you think about how long it took you for this lip make-up. No one will guess that behind your makeup is Ombre Lip Duo, which is easy and simple to work with.

Lipstick Vivid Matte Liquid in shade No. 45 “Deep Plum”, Maybelline New York

Matte purple lipstick is an absolute must-have for any fall makeup bag, and this Vivid Matte Liquid lipstick from Maybelline New York is one of the most popular in its category. The plum color combined with the velvety matte texture that the liquid lipstick acquires after drying on the lips is the best match for a dark accent on the lips. Additional bonuses – no sticky film and durability of the coating.Product Widget: Maybelline New York Liquid Matte Lipstick



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