Trendy colors spring-summer 2021

Bright marigolds and sky blue, juicy raspberries and refreshing mint, sea blue and summer sun – the colorists of the Panton Color Institute offer the world tired of quarantine bright and saturated shades of nature.

The main palette of the Pantone Color Institute includes 10 shades.

Trendy colors in clothes spring-summer 2021

Orange with yellow undertones Marigold not only warms, but also energizes and optimizes.

The translucent pale blue shade Cerulean will involuntarily make you look up into the sky – this is exactly what the sky blue looks like on a clear and fine day.

Despite its not poetic name at all, Rust’s brown looks just gorgeous! Although it looks like a “stranger” in the spring palette, recalling the autumn foliage.

The bright yellow Illuminating really illuminates everything around – like the sun emerging from your wardrobe.

Trendy colors spring 2021

Dreaming of a trip to spring Paris? Try on bright blue French Blue and your dreams will sparkle with bright colors and emotions.

Green Ash from the trendy Panton palette looks like a gentle and delicate shade of menthol green. It invigorates, refreshes and soothes at the same time.

Panton experts suggest remembering the favorite of 2019 – coral. This beautiful shade, although it appeared before us under a different name, is still the same soft, delicate and very elegant.

The cool green shade “Mint” lives up to its name – it is fresh, tasty and revitalizing.

The purple orchid is the decoration of the spring-summer collection. This exotic flower gives the trendy ten flowers uniqueness and luxury.

Juicy and tasty Raspberry Sorbet looks so teasing and tempting that you just can’t help but “taste” it!

Trendy colors summer 2021


Classic palette spring-summer 2021

The basic palette of the season includes five neutral universal shades:

    • Inkwell (Dark blue)


    • Ultimate Gray (Absolute gray)


    • Buttercream (Creamy White)


    • Desert Mist (Classic Beige)


    • Willow (Brown with green undertone)





The deep blue shade of Inkwell is so deep and deep that the blue tone is almost invisible.


Completely gray

The serene and reliable gray color will share its endurance with you and teach you self-control.


Butter cream

Delicious, delicate and delicate white shade Buttercream looks very appetizing, easy and casual.

Trending colors


Desert fog

The classic beige shade Desert Mist, although it looks traditional, conjures images of endless sand dunes and desert landscapes.



The shade of Willow, brown with a green undertone, beckons under its shade: like willow branches bent to the ground, it constantly “plays hide and seek”, now hiding, then revealing the one who wears it.


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