Trendy Geometry: Manicure with Graphic Elements-2020

Geometric manicure is one of the most relevant and popular in 2020. It is worth saying that he has not left the fashion catwalks and marigolds of the average women and girls for several seasons in a row. This is not surprising: simplicity, minimalism, clear lines, the ability to choose any combination of shades, sophistication and versatility – this is what distinguishes a manicure with elements of geometry. In 2020, geometric and graphic nail design was replenished with new products, which we will discuss below.

Manicure geometry 2020


The simplest version of a geometric manicure, which can be done independently at home, is the stripes on the nails. It is very easy to make them using a thin brush and acrylic paints. Usually, it is unlikely that you will be able to draw a thin line with a brush from varnish or gel polish, therefore it is definitely worth equipping yourself with a thin brush, even for drawing.

The stripes can be placed vertically, horizontally, diagonally. The main thing is to choose contrasting shades for the background color and the color of the stripes, then the graphic manicure will look stylish and bright. The strips can also be painted with gold or silver, or use special thin manicure tapes for them that are glued to the nail and covered with a top for fixation.


We also saw checkered manicure on fashion catwalks this season. In this case, the cell can be the simplest – as in a notebook in a cell. Or you can make the most real plaid tartans in the style of a tartan or Burberry. It will be more difficult to draw them, but if you choose a beautiful drawing as a sample, it is quite possible to transfer it to the nail plate.

For a Burberry-style cage, you need to choose shades that match the brand’s signature design – and this is a great alternative to the traditional nude manicure. Moreover, beige and camel will be very fashionable in 2020. The same fine paint brush can help you draw perfectly straight perpendicular lines. For beginner manicure masters, we recommend using stamping with a cage pattern.

Intersecting lines

Well, the stripes and lines on the nails do not have to be parallel or strictly perpendicular. It can be lines that intersect chaotically and at different angles. Such a manicure looks very stylish, especially if you use light pastel and nude shades as a background, and a classic rich black color for lines.

However, the color of the nail plate can be dark, then for lines and stripes it is better to choose light shades, ideally white or silver / gold. It is enough to draw intersecting lines on only one or two fingers on the hand, and leave the rest without a pattern, only with a background coating. Such a manicure looks very restrained and minimalistic, and will suit even a strict office look.


Various geometric shapes also look great on nails, and it is best to choose triangles for fashionable graphic design 2020. Drawing them is quite simple, you just need to connect three intersecting lines. If you draw a triangle with an acute angle towards the end of the nail, this technique will visually stretch and lengthen the nail plate.

The triangle looks great as an alternative to the traditional “moon” manicure with non-varnished nail holes. But now the hole needs to be left not in the classic rounded shape, but to draw a neat triangle. Special stickers and strips can come to the rescue, with which you can create the perfect contour.

Polka dots or dots

Another geometric manicure is drawings of dots, polka dots, circles on the nails. This design is called dots, and it is extremely easy to implement. At home, the same thin brush for painting is suitable for this, but it is much more convenient to make clear points of the same size with the round end of a match or something similar with a rounded tip.

In the salon, manicurists use a special metal tool with a round tip for these purposes. With it, the points are perfect, and they can be made in different sizes. Dots look great in classic shades. For example, on a white background, you can put down red or black dots, on a black one you can draw white polka dots. Dots can be done with glitter and small rhinestones, placing them at the same distance from each other.

Complex geometric design

A complex geometric design looks very beautiful when a thoughtful and intricate pattern or ornament appears on the nail. In most cases, such ornaments are associated with ethnic design, and will be a great addition to the boho style of clothing that is so popular in 2020.

Complex geometric designs tend to combine several different shades rather than two. It includes an abundance of intersecting lines, patterns, wavy and pointed curves, etc. You can use contrasting neon colors, as well as complement the pattern with silver, gold, glitters of other shades, stones and rhinestones.

Дизайн color block

One of the most relevant geometric manicure options that conquered the catwalks in 2020. This design consists in a combination of several shades of varnish or gel varnish on the nail plate, which do not flow smoothly into one another (like an ombre), but literally collide with each other. The borders of shades should be made in the form of geometric shapes and be clear, they do not need to be outlined with thin lines.

Such a manicure will require some skill in drawing and filling with color geometric shapes on the nail plate so that the paint does not go out of frame. Therefore, it is better to design a color block from a master in a nail salon, or use special stencils and stickers for applying different shades of varnish. The beautifully executed color block graphic design can even create a 3D effect on the nails.

Author: Tatiana Maltseva

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