Trendy “Wet look” hairstyle: our hot ideas to adopt the wet look

The wet look, what is it exactly?

Very popular on red carpets and in the street, the wet look is a hair trend sophisticated and chic. Perfect for special occasions, this glamorous hairstyle brings character and goes perfectly with all looks: from the most basic to the most primed. Recently, there are many stars who have also adhered to this trend: Celine Dion sexy at will, Shy’m, or Monica Bellucci more femme fatale than ever !

How to achieve a wet look?

This very fashionable hairstyle consists of style your hair (previously straightened at the root for optimal results) backwards, using a fixing product (gel or wax). Result: a “wet” effect (in English “wet”) which gives the impression of being out of the water. Ultra-sexy and classy, ​​this simple hairstyle happens very quickly …

Wet look: for what occasions?

Nothing could be easier than to reproduce a wet look. We start with good untangle her hair, before smoothing them out, for a more harmonious result. Then, apply a small dab of gel or wax on the palm of the hand, before dispersing the product evenly on the fingers. All you have to do is apply it to the entire hair, following the prior movement of your comb, starting from the roots to the ends. A little hairspray as a final touch to fix the hairstyle, and voila.
Advice : avoid applying too much wax or gel, risk of creating a “fat” effect.

The wet look is a very glamorous hairstyle that is easy to wear : it would therefore be tempting to reproduce it regularly. But beware, this is not the best thing to do for healthy hair. Excess products on the hair, such as wax, gel or hairspray can quickly damage it. We therefore favor the wet look for special occasions.


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