Turkish bath: how to build a hamam with your own hands?

The fact is that in the hamam there is a container (vat) with water heated to a boil. It is placed in one room, and the steam room is in another. Steam from the vat is supplied to the steam room through specially mounted outlets. In addition, visitors to the hamam have the opportunity to enjoy a cup of hot coffee in a separate lounge.

Hamam building basics

Today the hamam is built on the same principle as several centuries ago, except that the equipment and building materials are used different, more modern. The main difference from the Russian bath is the temperature and softness of the supplied steam.

How can you build a hamam on your own? Naturally, it is necessary to start planning the construction of a bath with the choice of a place, because, in addition to the steam room, the Turkish bath should have separate, albeit small, rooms for a fragrance, a projector and a steam generator.

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The arrangement of the premises has a radial shape. The central hall, sokolyuk, where the gebek massage table is located, has leads to other rooms.

The teardrop-shaped ceiling reminiscent of a dome is not only a stylistic feature, but also a pragmatic technique. Its essence lies in the fact that steam, condensing, does not drip onto the visitors, but flows down the surface of the dome. The minimum height of the steam room should be 2.5 meters.

Technical recommendations

The ventilation system must certainly be taken into account in the project documentation. Since the humidity in the bath sometimes reaches 100 degrees, the air inside the buildings must be refreshed every 15 minutes. If the hammam is not located in a separate building, then you should think about autonomous ventilation. This will help prevent condensation from entering other rooms through the ventilation ducts.

The ventilation valve, which must be regulated, must be located on the ceiling. During the operation of the bath, this valve must be open.

The sewerage system of the Turkish steam room can be connected to the general sewerage system, but it is necessary to provide a drain with a locking mechanism in the design in order to eliminate the appearance of an unpleasant smell.

Turkish bath: how to build a hamam with your own hands?
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Nowadays, heating in the hamam is carried out by an electric or water heater, and the humidity is maintained by a steam generator, and these devices must function independently of each other. Water heating is economically viable. For its implementation, small-diameter pipes are used, which are laid from a boiler with an electric heater around the entire perimeter of the room. Separate branches – under the massage table and seat.

The air temperature inside the bath should not drop below 30 degrees. The size of the room must be taken into account when choosing a steam generator, as well as the presence of a temperature sensor.

The power supply and lighting in the Turkish bath must be given due consideration. The luminaires to be installed must be moisture-proof, and only moisture and heat-resistant cable is used to provide power.

Incense and steam room features

The kurna occupies a special place in the Turkish bath. Special massage incense and soap substances are prepared here, which are also used for aromatherapy. Qurna is also a wonderful decor element that brings the unique charm of oriental traditions to the interior of the hamam.

Turkish bath: how to build a hamam with your own hands?
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Interior decoration of the premises

Moisture resistance and thermal insulation properties are the cornerstone in the choice of materials for interior work. Finishing work should be carried out in stages:

  1. First, the insulation is mounted.
  2. Then the waterproofing and reflective vapor barrier material is laid, communications are laid.
  3. After that, plastering, screed, finishing (final) waterproofing is done.
  4. In the last turn, the decoration of the premises is done with facing materials – mosaics, tiles or even marble.

To date, the construction of a hamam is not an excessively costly project; it can be carried out by almost any design and construction company. Many people prefer to build a hammam on their own. So, the pleasure experienced in a beautiful hot Turkish steam room is doubled from the realization that everything in it is made with our own hands.

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