Turn into a Pumpkin: Halloween Art Makeup

Themed makeup for the scariest night of the year

Updated on 11 August 2020

Halloween welcomes any reincarnation and even the prospect of turning into a pumpkin on this night is not scary. How to achieve the desired result, we will tell you in this article.

pumpkin: Halloween makeup features

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So, before you start doing your Halloween pumpkin makeup, get everything you need ready. First of all, you will need a lot of orange-colored makeup. Professional makeup is not required. To make the skin on the face orange, just use the shadow of this color. In the portfolios of cosmetic brands, the whole gamut is now represented, from soft peach to fire.

Product Widget: L`Oreal Paris Oil Eyeshadow Color Queen, Shade 23, Energetic Orange, 4 g

Orange shades in pumpkin makeup should be combined with rich blacks. For this, shadows of this shade and an eyeliner in the form of a felt-tip pen are suitable, it has a thicker applicator, unlike the classic eyeliner.

It is more convenient to paint over large areas on the face with an eyeliner in the form of a felt-tip pen

We’ve written more about the pumpkin makeup set below.

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What cosmetics will be required

Let’s list the necessary and sufficient for Halloween pumpkin makeup for girls.

  • Foundation. Before you start your pumpkin makeup, you need to prepare the skin by making it a couple of tones lighter. This will make the makeup look brighter. Choose your lightest foundation and apply it all over your face, including your eyelids and lips. There should be no contrasting areas. The face is your makeup canvas. Product Widget: Maybelline New York Foundation

  • Concealer. If one foundation failed to mask the pigment on the lips, apply concealer over it – blend it so that there are no boundaries. Also choose the lightest shade of concealer. Widget: Touche éclat high cover

  • Powder. After you apply foundation and concealer to your skin, it’s important to powder your skin. This will allow the pumpkin pattern to last longer in its original form, not to roll and not to leak in the first few hours. Product widget: All nighter waterproof pressed powder

  • Sculpting powder or stick. With these tools, you will darken all the necessary areas in your drawing. We recommend using a stick, as it makes it easier to draw intense bright lines. The cut edges allow you to draw them quite thin. Product Widget: SCULPT & HIGHLIGHT FACE DUO LIQUID TWO-SIDED CONTOUR - CHESTNUT / SAND 05

  • Eyeliner. You need it in order to outline the outline of all the black areas, which then have to be painted over with the help of shadows and a flat brush. Product widget: Couture liquid eyeliner

  • Black shadows… Choose an ultra-black shade. But if there are no such at hand, they will help out and gray ones. You just need to apply them with a wet method, that is, with a brush dipped in water. This will make the shade more saturated and bright. Product Widget: Maybelline New York Eyeshadow

  • Orange shadows. When applying, you can use the same life hack as in the case of black eyeshadows – wet application. This will make your makeup look brighter and more effective. Product widget: Matte mono shades.  NUDE MATTE SHADOW - FRISKY

  • Makeup spray. So that the makeup does not drip, and the drawing remains graphic for longer, it is imperative to spray a fixing spray on the face at the end.Product widget: All nighter

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How to make your own Halloween pumpkin makeup

Pumpkin makeup is a pretty popular idea for Halloween. In order not to accidentally meet someone with a similar image, we advise you to do art makeup.

pumpkin makeup

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  1. 1

    Apply foundation on your face.

  2. 2

    Then highlight the cheekbones with sculpting powder.

  3. 3

    Outline the areas under the eyes with black eyeliner.

  4. 4

    Paint some pumpkins in each area with orange shadows.

  5. 5

    Paint the remaining areas with black shadows.


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Original ideas, consonant with pumpkin makeup for All Saints

If you do not want to portray a pumpkin on your face in the literal sense of these words, we advise you to simply use the appropriate palette and repeat the images below.

yellow square

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yellow hair

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orange makeup

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art eye makeup

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orange lips

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beautiful makeup for blonde

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peach hair

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How to complement the image of a pumpkin?

Do not forget that harmony can be achieved only by thinking over all the details. Try to think them through in advance.


orange square

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On Halloween, strands can be dyed orange with a dye that won’t hurt your hair and wash off easily with shampoo. You will look bright and unusual.

Product Widget: L'Oreal Paris Hair Coloring Spray


pumpkin manicure


If you have enough time to get ready for Halloween, you can get not only pumpkin-style makeup, but also a manicure. You will find step-by-step photo instructions for creating it in this article.

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