Ukrainian brand Bevza dedicated the collection to copying, copying itself

In the spring / summer – 2022 collection, designer Svitlana Bevza explores copying in the fashion industry, copying herself. She was “inspired”, as they say, by things from previous Bevza collections. Quoting authors who resort to “rethinking” other people’s ideas, a certain “homage” to himself came out. The updated silhouettes are conveyed in an ironic manner, preserving the Bevza’s elegance and minimalism.

According to the brand, copying reduces the aesthetic value of the fashion industry. Svetlana used this message to emphasize the negative role of copying in the issue of excessive consumption.

“Copying entails significant overproduction in the fashion industry,” says Svetlana. – And these are primarily negative consequences for the environmental situation in the world, to which I would like to pay attention. And it is no less important than the ethical side of the issue. We will all, one way or another, face the consequences of overproduction. We are all in the same boat. ”

The collection was named – “We are all in the same boat.” From here appeared sailor hats and bags in the form of shells. The palette consists of shades of blue, suggestive of the ocean: there are light tones of waves crashing against the shore, and dark night waters. Marine aesthetics are complemented by the brand’s characteristic spikelet symbol – this time in the form of a bright print.

The brand has traditionally used environmentally friendly materials: knitwear made from recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton and other materials of organic origin, such as bamboo and nettle.

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