Unhappy love: 6 signs of codependency that leads to collapse

Earlier, we talked about what codependency is and what it leads to. Today we will tell you about the main signs that will help you identify the problem in the early stages.

Let’s start with a fairly common problem that is present in one way or another in the head of every girl. In the beginning, we all try to change something in our partner, we believe that we are given to him from above, because with our hands you can make a real prince even from a poor fellow. Someone rarely has such an intention, but someone constantly finds a man who definitely needs an upgrade or help. Those who are constantly faced with this are susceptible to codependency.

You idealize your partner and, with the help of your imagination, paint a picture in front of you that does not exist in reality. Your own merits and pluses are pushed into the furthest drawer, because you, as a woman, are not worthy of someone like him.

There is no clear understanding of your own desires in your head, but you know exactly what your soulmate wants. We are ready to spend all our free time on its development and needs.

You are unable to separate yourself from the relationship, you do not feel fulfilled. The pronoun “I” is replaced by “you” in every story about everyday family life.

It also happens when, on an unconscious level, you have a number of desires, but project the realization onto your partner. Let’s say you are eager to go to courses, get a certificate and develop yourself in this steppe in the future. Instead, he goes to courses according to his interests, and then you kick him in the direction of at least some results every day.


You are ready for anything, so long as your loved one is there.

He himself may not be ready to meet with you, marry, have a family. He may not hide feelings of hatred, irritation, while everything suits you.


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