Unique tie dye print – what is it and how to wear it?

Thai dye is a print that does not lose its relevance in the 2021 season. Due to the peculiarity of the technique of its application to fabric, it is impossible to repeat the same pattern. Traditionally, to obtain it, the fabric was tied with a waxed thread, so the paint fell exclusively on open areas. Today, tai dye style of dress has become the choice of the brave and confident people who do not want to be like the rest. It fits well with romantic, futuristic, sporty, casual and other looks. Let’s analyze interesting looks with clothes in a tie dye print.


The history of technology

Tai dai – what is it and where did this direction appear? Where the tai dye technique was first used is still not known. It was actively used on the territory of Ancient India, China, Mexico, Japan and Africa.

tie dye print photo

In the middle of the last century, hippies drew the attention of her, for whom this technique of dyeing fabrics was associated with a rebellious spirit. Thanks to the simplicity of creating such a pattern, her fans began to independently create psychedelic ornaments on their T-shirts. The technique came to our country in the late 80s, when it became fashionable to “cook” jeans. And, despite the fact that more than one decade has passed, this print has returned to trends and remains relevant for modern fashionistas.

denim tai give a photo

Denim tai dai

Today, such a pattern is applied to different things: dresses, T-shirts, swimwear, shorts, scarves, trousers, long sleeves, sweatshirts and other wardrobe items. Moreover, recently, designers have even been creating shoes and accessories with a tie-dye effect.

Tie-dye print on catwalks

Monochrome images

Translated from English “tie-dye” means “curling and coloring”. There are 4 methods of creating an ornament, which differ in the way of compressing, winding, folding the material, which must be of high quality.

print tie dye photo

Dyes are also different. Both household options and special paints for fabrics are suitable. The palette can be rich or subdued. And the drawing itself is applied, both completely on the entire product, and on its individual parts.

Gabriele Colangelo

Gabriele Colangelo

Modern execution – podiums

Everything new is well forgotten old. The proof of this was the tie-dye technique, which made a splash at the latest fashion shows.

Thai dye in the DIOR 2021 collection

Dior 2021

Looks from the Dior show 2021

From the Dior 2021 show

tie dye images in fashion collections

Thai dye in the Jacquemes RTW SS20 collection

Jacquemes RTW SS20

Off-White 2020 models

Off-White 2020


Dior complements their collections with boiled denim.

Dior models


Dior Tie Dye Looks

Dior with a Thai print

Asymmetrical denim coloration was presented by Givenchy and Stella McCartney.

Givenchy 2020 show

Givenchy 2020

denim sets

Many celebrities have liked the unique print.

clothes in tie dye print

Gigi Hadid wears a tie-dye T-shirt with breeches and sneakers while walking.

Star images clothing print tai dye

Hailey Baldwin tried on a bright denim jacket with a black tee and pants, opting for white heels.

Street style celebrities

Anna Wintour chooses a mix of prints in elegant dresses.

Images of Anna Wintour

Images of Anna Wintour

Men's sets with tie dye photos

In Street style images

fashion print looks

For street style aficionados, tai-dye clothing has become the perfect option.

feminine images

This ornament adorns T-shirts, shorts, sundresses, hoodies, bags, boots and other things in which you can go for a walk or shop.

Decorating bags of famous brands

Decorating bags of famous brands

What to wear with tai dye clothes

Thanks to the variety of patterns, it is very easy to pick up tie-dye jeans or other item in your wardrobe. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the fact that it goes well with other clothes, at least in one shade.

Marcelo Burton

Marcelo Burton

Those who do not want to attract undue attention to themselves should choose a single-color combination for a bright tie. The number of accessories is also limited. And most importantly, there can be only one bright thing in the image, otherwise the set will be overloaded.

The dress

tai dai clothes

Evening dresses with colored ombre attract attention.

С показа Johnathan Simkhai Resort Spring 2020

Johnathan Simkhai Resort Spring 2020

evening dresses

Tie-dye pastel shades are complemented by interesting cut and elements.

dresses print tie dye


t-shirts tie dye print

A tie-dye T-shirt is the easiest way to show your personality. If you didn’t manage to buy it, the thing is easy to do with your own hands. There are many instructions for creating masterpieces, everyone can choose the most suitable one for themselves.

mens t shirts tie dye

T-shirts for men in tai dye technique

T-shirts and blouses with this print fit easily into any outfit. They are worn with trousers, shorts, skirts, sundresses and flat shoes. When putting together a kit, you need to be careful with accents. It is better to choose the bottom one-color, repeating one of the shades of the ornament. Massive bright jewelry and accessories should be discarded.

tie dye photo kits

Jeans & Denim Jackets

Tie-dye trousers and jeans are the right option for every day. The most familiar option for us is the already familiar “boiled water”. With their help, it will turn out both a discreet basic outfit and an extravagant or flashy image.

Denim jackets tie dye photos

womens modles denim jackets tie dye print

As a top, they wear cropped tops, T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, longsleeves. You need to be careful with the details. It is easy to overload such an image with unnecessary things. The same applies to accessories and jewelry. They often turn out to be superfluous in such a set.

denim looks in tie dye


Alberta Ferretti Looks 2020

Alberta Ferretti Looks 2020

From the Alberta Ferretti 2020 show

Alberta Ferretti 2020

Denim overalls with sleeves and patch pockets are popular this season as well.

street style images

Important accents: Roll-up sleeves, trousers and an accentuated waist create perfect proportions. Shoes can be both with heels in evening looks, and low running during the day.

tie dye print options


Stylish and cozy thing will be appropriate in the off-season or on a cool summer evening. Stylists suggest wearing tie dye hoodies with a plain satin skirt. It can be either restrained or flashy. It all depends on what effect you want to get. But, this is not the only use case for a trendy drawing.

fashionable looks with tie dye

The emphasis in the image should be on the hoodie. It is combined with jeans and straight-cut trousers with comfortable flat-soled shoes, for example, sneakers and a voluminous roomy backpack. It is not only convenient, but also beautiful.

prints and shades in tie dye


sweatshirts tie dye photos

A sweatshirt with this print is exactly what modern urban dandies emphasize. It is easy to pick up and combine with other wardrobe items. They are worn with trousers, jeans, skirts, shorts, bicycles, over a dress. Some designers have created models with lettering that will become a real highlight of the kit.

sweatshirts in the Thai Dai print

Stylists warn that the rule is not to combine things of different styles, in this case it is not relevant. A tie-dye sweatshirt can be safely worn with a pleated skirt, a classic trouser suit.

examples of execution and colors


Swimwear with a master tie-dye print can be either bright or in one color with a blurred gradient. The photo shows models from Asos.

tie dye swimwear asos

Thai dye swimwear Asos

Clothes created using the original nodular dyeing technique will help refresh any look. Thanks to the variety of models, shades and ornament options, everyone will be able to supplement their wardrobe with an actual item. Combining it with other clothes is not difficult. The main rule that everyone should remember is that it is better not to wear tai dai with tai dai. It is better to give preference to monochromatic objects, the shade of which is repeated in the pattern.



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