Unusual arrows on the eyes: a stylish trend in makeup

Unusual arrows on the eyes Is one of the easiest ways to make stylish and memorable makeup. The main thing is to understand which arrows are in trend and which ones are out of date and have lost their relevance. Let’s talk about the types of arrows that fashionable makeup artists recommend to pay attention to this year.

By the way, fashionable arrows on the eyes are relevant for women of all ages. The main thing is to understand that at 50+ it is better to draw wide ones with shading, and creative, unusual, very long, multi-colored ones are suitable for young girls. It is also important to choose appropriate clothing. Arrows of an unusual shape do not go well with a classic evening dress, as well as ordinary retro arrows with a layered oversized look.


Arrows in the eyes: an overview of trends

This year, popular makeup artists advise paying attention not only to the classic black arrows. In the trend, options with shading, wide, long, straight, curved and even double.

Beautiful and neat arrows in front of your eyes are a great way to draw attention to your own face and make the interlocutor stop looking in front of your eyes. It is almost impossible to tear yourself away from the gorgeous eye makeup that emphasizes the natural beauty, adds a touch of mystery and zest. This secret is used by both Hollywood stars and our celebrities. So why not take an example from them?

Classic arrows

Makeup with arrows will never go out of fashion if they are small, made with eyeliner, liner.

The classic shape is small arrows that are a continuation of the upper eyelash growth line. The line slopes slightly upward to make the look more open and playful.

This option is relevant for women who do not have fine wrinkles on their eyes, since they prevent accurate application of the eyeliner. In the presence of small folds, women are better off using liners and eyeliners in favor of a pencil.


Brown arrows on the eyes look stylish. They are applied using a pencil, eyeshadow and a rounded or beveled makeup brush.

At the beginning, shadows are applied to the movable eyelid, then they paint over the mucous membrane with a pencil, and then draw an arrow. Tint the corners with shadows to make them brighter. This is a beautiful eye makeup idea for adult women and those who want to create trendy make-up in brown tones for every day, like Olga Buzova.

Straight arrows

This year, straight arrows from the inner corner of the eye have gained particular popularity. They are painted with a thin eyeliner with a brush or in the form of a felt-tip pen. Such arrows are harmoniously combined with bright shades of shadows and nude tones. Suitable for almond-shaped eyes, narrow, close-set.


Long arrows on the eyes are beautiful. True, it is important to supplement eye makeup with false eyelashes, otherwise the image will seem incomplete.


Small arrows

Neat, small arrows are a good idea for daytime, lightweight, office makeup. They can be the only accent on the eyes or complement a make-up made in delicate peach, pink, beige, gray, blue tones.

Small arrows help open the eyes and create additional emphasis on the upper part of the face. They are suitable for young girls who prefer light makeup and women who do not have any particular problems in this area.


Thick arrows on the eyes look bold, but stylish. These are combined with images in the style of grunge, punk, rock. For everyday bows, wide eyelashes are not a good idea, as there will be increased attention to makeup. But, if you replace the black color of the eyeliner with blue, purple, yellow, green makeup will acquire a summer color. Also, wide arrows are suitable for those who have such a problem as a drooping eyelid.



Large arrows in front of the eyes are drawn by women who want to make a make-up with an emphasis on the upper face. This is a bold look that needs the right hairstyle. A stylish short haircut, a high ponytail or a trendy braid with a ponytail will do.



Last year, makeup artists suggested painting colored arrows with a liner. This technique is still relevant this season, but there are a number of additions. Many women of fashion apply colored arrows with the help of shadows, and then emphasize with a thin black liner.


An original idea for those who want to make themselves fashionable and unusual makeup. We draw double arrows. Both lines can be drawn on the upper eyelid or one from below along the lash line. In this case, the “incision” is highlighted with concealer.

With sequins

Sequins arrows

Young beauties apply fashionable arrows with sparkles along the lash line or highlight a motionless eyelid. It turns out an original festive makeup with an emphasis on the eyes.

From below

Unusual arrows on the eyes

It is extremely fashionable to draw arrows only along the lower lash line. This makeup is considered suitable for a photo shoot or a theme party. Mainly used eyeliner and pencil in bright colors.


Bella Hadid arrows

Another type of trendy eyeliner is the angle. These begin to draw from the center of eyelash growth or closer to the edge, go beyond the outer corner by 1 cm, and then make an angle, but do not paint over it. It turns out a kind of check mark in front of the eyes.

Arrows for different eye shapes

Beautiful makeup in lilac color

To find the correct length and shape of the arrows for the eyes, consider their shape. To do this, you need to measure the distance between them, and also determine whether the inner and outer corners of the eye are located on the same line.


Arrows for almond eyes

Determining the almond shape of the eyes is not difficult. In these, the outer and inner corners are located at the same level. Makeup with arrows for the almond shape of the eyes is done in an oriental style. It is recommended to highlight the inner corner with a black liner, but not go far beyond it.

Set wide

Arrows for wide-set eyes

If the eyes are wide-set, it is recommended to draw the arrows very carefully so as not to further emphasize the problem area of ​​the face.

To determine this type of eye, measure the distance from one inner corner of the eye to the other. If it is longer than the length of the eye itself, it is a wide-set type. The arrows should be drawn from the middle of the eye and not far beyond the outer corner. The lower lash line is drawn in the same way from the center with a pencil.


Arrows for narrow eyes

Women who have naturally elongated eyes are very lucky. This look is considered sexy, and many want to achieve this effect with makeup. It is recommended to draw arrows on narrow eyes from the beginning of the eyelash growth line. Go beyond the edge of the outer corner by no more than 0.5 cm.


How to make arrows for round eyes

Large eyes are characterized by classic arrows. It is recommended to extend the tail by no more than 1 cm.The ideal line length is 0.5 cm.

Looming eyes

Arrows for hanging eyelids

A drooping eyelid is an urgent problem not only for adult women, but also for many young beauties. You can cope with this ailment with the right makeup. The arrows for the impending eyelid draw wide, covering the entire area of ​​the movable eyelid. A light shade of eyeshadow is applied to the fold to visually raise the eye.

Closely planted

Arrows for eyes that are set close to each other

The eyes are considered close-set if the distance between them is less than the length of one eye. In this case, it is recommended to choose makeup with arrows and shading. Arrows and dark shadows are applied from the middle of the eye. The inner corner and the beginning of eyelash growth are highlighted in light shades to visually move the eyes away from the bridge of the nose. It is recommended to use fox and squirrel false eyelashes.

Who are the arrows on the eyes?

Selena Gomez Arrows

Arrow makeup suits everyone, the main thing is to choose the correct stripe shape. To do this, you need to define your own eye shape and draw arrows, taking into account the recommendations for a particular type.

Colored arrows on the eyes

For example, making a cat look out of large round eyes is not worth it. It is better to emphasize natural beauty and natural charm. But turning almond-shaped eyes into sexy narrow eyes is not difficult. To do this, you need to extend the arrows to stretch the shape.

Photo of arrows on the eyes: ideas for inspiration

Arrows for the eyes come in different shapes and colors. Today, both classic and retro, large and creative are in trend. It is necessary to choose the type of arrows taking into account your own face structure, eye shape and clothing style.

See photo examples and get inspired!

Cool yellow makeup idea

Cool arrows on the eyes

Neat makeup with arrows

Unusual arrows on the eyes

Evening makeup with arrows and dark lipstick

Idea for makeup in pink with arrows

Brown smoky ice with arrows

Neat everyday make-up

Unusual creative arrows on the eyes

Stylish makeup with red arrows

Very bright purple make-up

Makeup with turquoise eyeshadows

Idea for a delicate makeup

Eye accent makeup

Daring themed makeup

Brown smokey ice with arrows

Creative arrows with dots

Unusual double arrows on the eyes


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