Urine therapy: discover the many health benefits of your urine

Also called “amaroli”, urinotherapy refers to the external and / or internal use of our own urine. This practice, surprising and “disgusting” for many of us, nevertheless conceals many benefits …

If its virtues have not been scientifically proven, followers are convinced of the therapeutic effects and the effectiveness of this method on our health. The idea is to reabsorb nutrients that have not been assimilated by the body, and which have been wrongly eliminated by the kidneys.

Defenders of amaroli often compare this practice to vaccination, which involves injecting the body with active substances that will trigger an immune response in the body and produce antibodies via the cells.

Different possible uses

If the idea of ​​urinating on a jellyfish sting is a little more common, other reasons and ways of using our urine are less known to the general public: as a gargle, as drops in the eyes or in the ears, in massage, friction, poultice, sitz and foot baths …

For supporters of this practice, drinking your urine would relieve or even cure certain ailments such as asthma, kidney stones, constipation, depression, diarrhea, temporary fatigue, stomach aches, symptoms due to menopause, migraine …

In local application also the fields of action are varied: cover a blister, a painful back, an edema, with a compress soaked in urine, wash the face with urine to treat acne, apply a few drops in the ears in case of otitis, in the eyes in case of conjunctivitis, massage on joint pain, rub to relieve muscle pain, etc.

And if you prefer to opt for a gargle, know that it could help you treat mouth ulcers, gingivitis, or even the flu.

Some rules to follow

To enjoy the “benefits” of our urine, it should be collected when you wake up, because it contains more hormones, which were released during the night. But the first part and the end of our “morning pee” are not to be consumed: the beginning “rinses the urinary tract and guarantees the sterility of the urine”, while the last “wave” may contain deposits. So we only keep the best!

If you want to consume it several times a day, opt for the pee collected an hour after a meal and wait 30 minutes before eating after consuming it.

A controversial practice

Doctors warn against this practice, because drinking your urine could involve risks of intoxication, to be consumed therefore… in moderation!

Our urine contains 95% water, 2.5% a mixture of trace elements, salt, hormones and enzymes and 2.5% urea. It is precisely this urea that can be toxic.

Anne-Claire Meret, naturopath: “It’s going against nature”
“Urine is a mixture of wastes, and some of the wastes are poisons that the body releases. I think we could drink our urine if our life was totally healthy and we were not in contact with toxins at all (zero sugars, no stress, consumption of perfect water). But with the life we ​​lead today in France, that seems impossible to me. Drinking urine tires our body more than anything else because we give it back the waste it has taken out, we only renew it in waste. In local application, if you really have nothing else on you, in the middle of nature, why not, but we have so many other products that are pure and clean, much more suitable for our body. I am thinking for example of clay, essential oils, baking soda, which are easy to find and inexpensive products. Urinotherapy is going against nature: if these things are expelled by our body, it is because they simply had to come out! ”

In his book “Le kidney a bon dos” (Éditions JC Lattès, € 18), physiologist André Giordan is more measured: « [Bien qu’]no serious study has been undertaken to confirm its real interest ”, the fact of“ making amaroli ”would have no harmful effect,“ at least in a limited dose ”.


If you want to get started, know that it is strongly recommended not to drink your urine as part of a drug treatment, the combination of the two can be harmful to health.

The main known contraindications: pregnant women, people suffering from liver, kidney and heart problems, abnormal blood pressure, diabetes, etc. In short, consult a health professional before starting, such a practice does not. is not trivial!

Also, it is good to know that by starting urinotherapy, you risk having a “healing crisis”. In fact, during the process of eliminating toxins, you may see itching or rashes, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, cough, and temporary fatigue.

To go further: The Elixir of Life, the complete guide to urinotherapy by Coen van der Kroon, (Editions Jouvence).


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