Varicose veins, heavy legs … 3 tips to never have leg pain again!

The blood in the legs is forced to fight non-stop against gravity which sends it back to the feet. Of course, high-precision mechanics constantly propel the blood from the feet to the heart, but all it takes is a weakness, accentuated by certain elements (sedentary lifestyle, overweight, heat, hormonal variations, etc.) for venous insufficiency to appear.

To fight against swollen legs, follow these three tips:

– Put a cushion under your mattress at the level of the feet to raise them

– Do not step on or stand too long as this can accentuate venous return problems

– Do not cross your legs when seated

Against the visible vessels, it is often the heat that is involved. We therefore obviously avoid hot baths and hot waxing, which accentuate the problem. At the end of the day, we allow ourselves a foot bath in cool water to which we add salt or baking soda and rosemary essential oil.

Those for whom the visible veins are a real complex, there is the solution of the laser at the dermatologist which erases the already existing varicose veins … but which does not prevent the appearance of new veins.

Herbal teas, the best allies for the legs and blood circulation

Some plants have vasculoprotective properties: red vine, witch hazel, ragwort, horse chestnut … We do not hesitate to consume them in herbal tea at the rate of 2 or 3 cups per day. They can also be found as a food supplement.

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