Velvet wedding season

The global pandemic has left an imprint on our life and its aspects, could not bypass the wedding event and fashion industries. Influenced the choice of a wedding dress, not to mention the festive banquet itself. We will talk about these influences today. Let’s figure out how to save money without sacrificing beauty.

In any crisis, the prosperity of the population is significantly reduced, many are left without work. Therefore, saving in everything is the only salvation. So the newlyweds were no exception in preparation for their wedding. The bulk of young people celebrating a wedding in the fall of 2020 do not throw banquets for a hundred persons with the obligatory invitation of all distant relatives.

Invite only the closest ones to the cozy banquet hall. Decorate it in an easy manner with no frills. Restraint in everything is in fashion. You will be left with the floral decoration of the tables.

Create a small music program to keep your guests entertained. Do not have full-scale concerts and theatrical performances in four acts, because it quickly tires everyone. Let your guests chat with pleasant musical accompaniment. Warm conversations and new acquaintances remain in the memory for a long time.

The pandemic did not particularly affect the trends in wedding fashion, but definitely on the purchasing power. Laconic styles, dresses in “European” style are actual. These are outfits of a laconic silhouette without bulky and puffy petticoats and crinolines. Convenience is trending. Dresses “year” (widen from the middle of the thigh), A-line or straight cut. If you want to support the bust line, choose dresses with an inner corset that is invisible to others. In lightweight versions of the upper part of the dress, there are enough bones sewn to the side seams and under the chest. Fabrics in such dresses should not be dense, dry and rigidly hold their shape, such as taffeta, brocade or thick satins. On the contrary, flowing fabrics that create an easy-to-see image and silhouette are silk, lightweight satin, chiffon, veil, organza and lace. These fabrics will look amazing on brides of any size.

Lace has been relevant for a long time, it is the embodiment of tenderness and femininity. They can be different in density and weaving pattern: from thick saturated to transparent and thin. If you want a luxurious dress, you can cover the entire outfit with lace. For a romantic look, you can only cover the bodice or dress pieces. The decor should not be overloaded with large rhinestones and thick joining. The trend is delicate shimmer and small embroidery with crystal beads, beads and pearls on lace.

These dresses are trendy classics for most brides.

But if you want to stand out and be trendy, then you can afford wedding bows with trousers in combination with an elegant jacket and blazer. Choose a wedding jacket based on the characteristics of your figure. Lace will help you to make it more elegant. It can either completely cover the jacket, or only partially appear on the peplum, bodice or sleeves.

Now both the classic white tuxedo and the light-colored jumpsuit with a cape or embroidered lace cape are famous for their extravagance. Add high-heeled shoes to the outfit, do the evening styling and you will be Miss Elegance at your wedding.

Regardless of what dress you bought or made to order from professionals, remember that only your amazing energy, undeniable elegance and individuality will bring unforgettable charm to the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony!

Fashion designer Sergei Pugachev

Spelling-punctuation and author’s style preserved


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