Venice Film Festival 2020 and Armani Beauty

The word to the star makeup artist Donatella Ferrari

The allure of elegance of the Venice Film Festival 2020 (2-12 September 2020) passes from the skilled hands of Armani Beauty make-up artists, main sponsor of the event. They are the ones who make the divas shine on the red carpet and give a touch of magic even in a period like this when the face is partly covered by masks.

All the more reason, according to the House’s national make-up artist Donatella Ferrari aka Dodi, to share some beauty secrets and not give up glam. Venetian by birth (she still remembers the blue bikini with the silver buckle with which her mother took her to the beach at the Lido), Milanese by adoption, she curated the fashion shows high fashion Armani but also photo shoots and style of thousands of models and stars from all over the world. To celebrate the Venice Film Festival 2020, Armani Beauty launched a special collection dedicated to Laguna and, with a few simple gestures, it promises to make the originality that lives in every woman shine.

Donatella Ferrari


What do you do for Armani Beauty at the festival?

“I’m on the field like national make-up artist and I take care of guests and celebrities. Whatever their status, they are to me all very important and the team takes care of it in rotation, while the jury president Cate Blanchett and the godmother Anna Foglietta they are followed by a personal make-up artist ”.

What has the brand reserved for the exhibition?

“A dedicated collection that speaks above all to lips with colors ranging from beige to brown with a hint of light that recalls the heat sunset, that golden moment in which the colors ignite, natural but warmed by the note of heat “.

Armani Beauty Venezia Collection Lip Maestro N°103


Armani Beauty Venezia Collection Rouge D’Armani Matte N°406


What colors have you reserved for the gaze of the divas?

“I Cold colours which always recall the lagoon and the sea, such as mallow, silver and bluette for one charm irresistible. After all, the Armani woman is always elegant and modern together and for beauty the result is sophisticated but natural with innovative product formulas “.

Armani Beauty Eye Tint N°58

The Armani make-up trademark?

“Armani dresses with clothes and makes up women with make-up without transforming them or taking away their character, but exalting it the different personalities. Take Cate Blanchett, delicate and evanescent, while Anna Foglietta focuses on the strength of sobriety ”.

The characters who won you over at the Mostra?

“For a couple of years I have been involved in backstage of the photocall for the finishing touches to the stars before the official photos. Once I saw the director Pedro Almodovar from afar and I waved to him with the brush making him understand that he needed a little help. He asked me: “Am I shining?”. It was a little shiny, when I nodded to him he almost trotted towards me and then he was happy with the result. I gave him a pat on the cheek as if to say: ‘Now you can go’ “.

And what about the photo with Johnny Depp?

“It was a really good memory, we took it after the make-up when she gave me a little pat on the back in approval”.

An Italian diva you adore?

“Valeria Golino, has an incredible charm and remembers everything. Once after a year he asked me how mine were granddaughters. If he asks you something he is interested in the answer, he cares. Expansive, authentic, true … “

A foreigner who won her over for beauty?

“Definitely Dakota Johnson which has also proved to be extremely helpful “.

What is Armani Beauty’s secret to being perfect?

“Create a perfect complexion that is to avoid the stratified effect: we use little product, a touch of foundation or concealer applied to the center of the live and blended outwards. And, finally, a littleilluminating on strategic points such as Cupid’s bow or on the bridge of the nose. To feel beautiful, you start with well-groomed skin, with a little bit of gloss and finally draw the eyebrows “.

Armani Beauty Neo Nude Highlight N°10


A myth to dispel?

“Many women today they no longer use the face powder, but instead it is very useful when the face becomes shiny. It doesn’t take much: dab with a handkerchief and then apply a veil … And not a smattering as if you were ready to be fried. We make-up artists to dose it we use the smallest brush, that of the eyes, and we apply it in strategic points like the corners of the nose, the line of the eyebrows and under the lower lip ”.

What trick should you never leave at home?

“We women are very different from each other and each thinks that there is something less beautiful on their face and in that case that is where we concentrates: those who think they have too many dark circles always carry the concealer with them, those with dry skin never go out without foundation. For example, I have blonde lashes and without mascara I look emaciated ”.

It seems counterintuitive to concentrate on make-up in a period in which you are either locked up in the house or mainly going out with a mask. Or not?

“When work moves digitally or we talk online, on social media or Whatsapp, the lipstick makes a difference. And not by chance during the lockdown women dared more with lipstick, sporting colors like bright red that they have never tried. And so we are all stars. When you go out, however, with the mask you aim at the eyes with a mascara well applied (even on the tips of the lashes, which are transparent because they have no pigmentation) and a nice fluid eyeshadow like Eye Tint, easier to blend and with the water component that evaporates leaving the powder to set. And finally let’s not forget to outline the eyebrows well ”.


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