Vertigo: how to gently stop it

Decrease in blood pressure on getting up, anxiety, taking certain medications, motion sickness, migraines or even postural defects can explain this sensation. We speak of false vertigo when the cause is not linked to the balance system. More rarely, the vestibular area of ​​the inner ear is affected, with its three channels and crystals that slide according to movement to provide direction to the brain. It is then true dizziness treated by an ENT doctor who can diagnose hyperpressure in the ear, Ménière’s disease, a neuroma (benign tumor on the acoustic nerve), or a simple plug of earwax. And when the dizziness is associated with fever, nighttime pain, speech disturbances, paralysis, etc. : direction, emergencies! “But don’t panic, a lot of dizziness is benign and manageable by alternative medicine”, assures Dr. Marc Perez, osteopath, who also practices acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine and aromatherapy. He gives us his solutions.

The help of osteopathy

It helps in case of “false” or “real” dizziness. A preliminary posturological examination is necessary.

The study of posture: it helps locate muscle tension in the head, eyes, jaw or foot responsible for vertigo. The practitioner can suggest treatment with the orthoptist for eye rehabilitation, the podiatrist for posturoceptive insoles, or the dentist in order to treat an imbalance of dentition and chewing.

Relieve by osteopathy: Once the disorders are detected, the osteopath can relieve tension. We work most often on the cranial area, along the bony insertions and by stretching the occipital muscles. The Sémont maneuver (tilting the patient from one side to the other after having recreated the feeling of vertigo) is also proposed. But above all no violent cervical manipulations which can aggravate dizziness and are in fact prohibited for non-medical osteopaths. Gentle practice is sufficient to relax and at the same time treat the anxious causes of a lot of dizziness.

The boost of acupuncture

There is no center of balance to stimulate. But we can work on the points of anxiety especially localized in the ear (where we will leave needles for a few days) or at the level of the arms and legs (with needles placed during the session). Immediate benefit.

Do it yourself: stimulate the points of “joie de vivre” at the bend of the elbow and wrist by pressing for a good minute on each area with the thumb, when you feel the vertigo rising.

Plants that help

On combine phyto et aroma : valerian, passionflower and hawthorn, in regular herbal tea or capsules (three-week cure), are life-saving. Well, too, Bach Flowers, like the Rescue designed for emotional shocks and which gives results on dizziness. Or lavender essential oil.

The right gesture: two-three drops of it rubbing on the hands, then massage the forehead, behind the ears and on the chest.

The homeo solution

Several homeopathic remedies provide relief, such as Phosphorus or Conium maculatum. During the crisis, choose them in 5 CH, three granules every 5 minutes. To treat the ground, opt for the 9 CH dilutions (1 dose tube twice a week). And when the cause is mainly psychological, same remedy in 15 and 30 CH.

In case of associated symptoms : with combined stress and anxiety, take Arsenicum album, Gelsemium or Ignatia. With additional nausea, take Cocculus Indicus. And for morning dizziness, target Cocculus alumina.

Les solutions homemade

At the moment: sit down, fix a point. Do not go out in the street and especially avoid taking the car.

If you have the time : Take a hot bath by diluting in water 2 drops of essential oils of fine lavender and ylang ylang to be mixed beforehand with a dose of soap for the dispersion. Enjoy an infusion of lime blossom and verbena at the same time.



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